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Zong Ning: rational consumption, perceptual marketing pattern, double eleven double eleven technology – Sohu Jingdong Jingdong supermarket supermarket data bursting, November 1st to 12, 12 days sales of products on the 170 million, a record sales record. The only cleaning products sold a total of 17000 tons, is 1.7 times over the same period last year; more than 200 thousand bottles of wine sales; high-end milk sold more than 700 tons, is about 2.3 times over the same period last year, food, a clean, mother, drinks and other categories have gained substantial growth, to produce a satisfactory answer. This year’s double eleven are very different, the cats and dogs began to appear differentiation, Jingdong began to put forward the new concept of consumption, consumers can hope to rational consumption, and put forward the "good things" concept, through content marketing, to create a more emotional marketing, rather than naked price war. This change can be seen as a double eleven marketing inflection point, can also be seen as an electricity supplier consumption upgrade node. The former means that the price war of eleven has been unable to continue to go on the hype, the latter means that the consumer electricity supplier consumer choice, has not only to cheap. Emotional marketing from the content of the eleven pairs of marketing is hot, because the intensity of the discount is very fierce, because it is half price, so many people will be caught in the shopping frenzy. But with the passage of time, and now the electricity supplier and the difference between the traditional channels has not been so big, more than half off concessions can only be a gimmick, but the impulse to stimulate a great waste. The following is the high turnover, high return rate, logistics warehouse explosion, and repeatedly hurt the user experience. The price war is certainly not last forever, and with the user’s consumption upgrade tide, the Internet shopping choice is no longer just look at the price, but pay more attention to the quality of the products and buy user experience. Based on this trend and trends, as the first stop of the supermarket Jingdong first played a rational shopping slogan, calling the user’s shopping rational. At the same time in the content marketing more efforts, such as the "good material traceability" raises users great concern, the Jingdong supermarkets began to excellent reasons reported good products from the source, so that consumers can see the products from raw materials to finished product quality has been the process, let customers know more about the connotation of good material itself, thus the formation of a more rational choice, rather than simply look at the price, do not look at the differences in quality. Even the good thing itself is very favorable price, so that consumers began to pay attention to the value of the product itself. Such marketing upgrade is a trend of the times, but also a rational choice. Three dimensional marketing, the combination of a variety of marketing tools in addition to the content, in marketing, Jingdong supermarket is also very time to adopt a more three-dimensional way. In a variety of discounts, the traditional full cut, buy gifts and other means, the brand war, the Jingdong broadcast, said two-way customization and good traceability also opened, increasing marketing dimensions, so that consumers can feel more promotions and more touching the heart of the promotional content. For example, the theme of trump card campaign, is a bright spot this year, Jingdong supermarket, two major brands in the Jingdong every day.相关的主题文章: