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Zhengzhou on the first day after the holiday 201 couples divorce buy risk – reporter Cai Junyan Washington in October 2nd, the purchase of the implementation of the real estate market in Zhengzhou city; October 3rd Zhengzhou, the tightening of credit policy, the purchase of the first suite area Shoufu ratio rose to 30%. Zhengzhou municipal government with a series of major new regulatory policies, the divorce registration is growing: October 8th Festival on the first day of work, Zhengzhou city has 201 pairs of couples divorce registration. "If it is not to buy a house, who would like to have a good day to divorce?" During the interview, it was admitted to divorce to buy a house, and is not allowed". Scene: a young couple holding a child to buy 8 divorce called at 2:30 in the afternoon, Zhengzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office processing hall, has gathered several ten people waiting call number divorce. Reporters were asked to do 6 of divorcing couples, 1 of them said "live", the remaining 5 of all admitted to buy fake divorce, but each of the difficulties". A middle-aged woman said, she and her husband married for many years, have been feeling very good, there are six people in the family lived a hundred square meters of the house, too crowded, to improve the living conditions of the couple, Liashiyi before a good new house of 160 square meters, has made hundreds of thousands of deposit, unexpectedly, the National Day holiday will be introduced credit limit restriction policy. "If we do not buy now, even if the breach, if you buy, the first payment more than a lot, but not enough time to gather together, to divorce is no way." To divorce the crowd, there is a pair of young parents holding the child, the child more than two years old." Young mother said they were optimistic about a house before eleven, has paid a deposit, now the house is usually a square meter on the tens of thousands, after the purchase of restricted loans, a direct impact on the down payment." Do not want to miss the opportunity to buy a house, and then do not gather together so much down payment, thought to do divorce. Divorce agreement in the property division, child care, and so on the issue of the appointment? The other smiled and said, "just write, still had the day". Data: the first working day of 201 pairs of divorce "determined to leave?" "No objection, right?" Issued before the divorce certificate, Jinshui District Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office again asked a middle-aged men and women, "sure, no." Two people took the property permits by common consent, check again, press the red handprint. "Now it’s time for the marriage." Listen to the staff said, middle-aged men and women can not help but laugh. "Is also to buy a house?" The face of the staff asked, middle-aged woman nodded, "yes, we have two suites, now ready to give the child to buy new homes, I was convinced that Zhengzhou’s housing prices have to rise, when children can not afford." She said that he is studying finance, the price trend has its own judgment…… Reporters learned from the Zhengzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, as of 8 pm to work, in October 8th, Zhengzhou handled a total of divorce registration of 201 pairs. In October 8th last year, Zhengzhou handled 90 pairs of divorce registration. The staff said that after the first working day of the number of divorces increase, to a certain extent and the market regulation. Reminder: there is a risk of divorce to buy a house recently, Shanghai has suffered a wave of property buyers because of the purchase of a wave of divorce, limit number is difficult to resist the turbulent divorce family,"相关的主题文章: