Zhangzhou grassland emergence in recent years biggest Python 3.6 meters long and weighs 80 pounds pretty rhythm

Zhangzhou grassland is 3.6 meters long Python emergent maximum weight 80 kg   in recent years; a dark object curled up in the development zone of Zhangzhou Tang Yang Industrial Park on the grass, and sometimes move. What is this? So look closer, the original is boa constrictor. Finally, through the joint efforts of police and catchers, and finally the big guy. This is what happened at 4 p.m. on October 31st. According to the pit border police Chen, boa was found at the mouth of the injury. Chen speculated that the snake should be prey on poultry, been tangled wound. After measurement, the snake is 3.6 meters long and weighs 80 pounds. The afternoon of November 1st, after a few days after the treatment of snake catcher, python recovered, border police station and the snake man together, will be sent to the mountains Python release. Police Chen said, because the snake was found injured, so to see people around when they feel uneasy, and make the attack posture, the snake man and the police five half an hour of effort, the python uniform. Chen, the snake is in the last few years, a python greatest discovery of Zhangzhou development zone. (micro-blog) Strait Herald reporter Wang Longxiang correspondent Wu Zhihua Ventura相关的主题文章: