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You smoke haze in the north, I scared you play in Nanyang cruise tourism in Beijing – Sohu today’s really big haze haze. The haze buddies do not hurry to flee, Star Cruises in Shenzhen waiting for you to set sail, Nanyang a wandering for romantic ecstasy! Nanyang good weather is really refreshed! Standing on the highest point of the Virgo around the ocean, you will feel that you are the center of the world, you can summon wind and call for rain as long as you want to be a powerful and unconstrained style. Life on Star Cruises is extremely rich! If just what it is awesome. This is not the case, our 6 day and 5 night cruise holidays just happen to meet Halloween, so that night all play hi! Originally I was refused. But I think, since the cruise is not happy? Since the encounter is not a funny Halloween fun? Since everyone painted I was from demons and ghosts? Now that it’s a pumpkin, go crazy! Since it’s crazy, the consequences are unpredictable. As a result… It’s fun… The most exciting place is the Lido theatre. Every night there is a good song and dance performances, Halloween night here is lively and crazy! The actors were all dressed up in scary costumes. Scary who will not ah? Well, now that all of the paintings have become a ghost, then what are you ashamed of? Isn’t that crazy? This ghost is a little scary! Cruise that can be really stupid people can not tell, that Carnival Party is not sei! In the end, it was a Halloween costume. At last, I was so embarrassed that the prize fell on my head! Yes, you’re not wrong, I, actually I was pumpkin ghost, is the virtue of my head on the map. Ha ha ha ha! How do I look like a giant panda? No wonder the grand prize gave me. Prizes naturally prizes, as prizes we finally share! Cruise on the night life is too rich, dance party make endlessly, enough to see the beautiful dance. The Milky Way Star Club, Aces club, Lido opera, Cara’s club, OK room, starfish light club, listen to the name You’ll see. is exciting. To exercise the people will not let you down, moving deck, cruise star deck, a jogging trail, Appollo spa and fitness center, convection water invasion pool, the universe gym, there is above the top of the open-air swimming pool, just let me love this sport Master excited the real good luck. Yes, almost forgotten a small basketball court, the day to eat too much support, and buddy go to play basketball. Sleep well to play well, good to eat a good rest. Star Cruises, even if the choice of the most affordable rooms, still can enjoy a comfortable and warm service. If you choose the natural sea view rooms, after a night of sleep, with the dawn, open the glass floor doors and breakfast in a private terrace, or at sunset in the vast sea between heaven and earth, the taste of a cup of cocktail, is not listening to romantic? The ship does not intoxicate the drunken people! Want to drink a pain in the boat 1相关的主题文章: