Xi’an two year old boy suddenly died mother was taken away by police investigation nvidia geforce gt 740m

Xi’an old boy died suddenly the mother was taken away by the police investigation yesterday afternoon, members of the public to reflect China Daily, a boy was sent to the mother of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical University rescue, strange situation. Currently, the district police have been involved in the investigation. The insider said, yesterday at 12 pm, the boy was holding the mother covered with confusion came to the hospital, but died. The insider heard the child’s mother and the doctor said, when the child was crying for a while. 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter rushed to the hospital, the boy has died. The body was taken to the morgue. For the cause of death of the boy, the hospital said that due to special circumstances, inconvenient to disclose. At 2:30 pm, a police car rushed to the hospital, the boy’s parents away. The boy’s father, said Mr. Yang, the boy’s father surnamed Wang, Shangluo people, the mother is Hanzhoung. Yesterday morning at 11 am, when they are working, Wang suddenly received a phone call from his wife, said the child had an accident. He and Wang hurried home to catch up on the way that the child has been sent to the hospital. Did not expect, finally did not save. Yang said Wang more than and 40 years old, and his wife was only more than and 20 years old, although the two together for many years, but did not receive a marriage certificate. The child was only two and a half years old, before the body has been very good. Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter learned from Lianhu police, the boy’s mother died under police investigation.相关的主题文章: