Wuyi couple 15 acres of lotus root, annual income of over 100 thousand yuan-didadi

A couple in Wuyi 15 acres of lotus annual income of over 100 thousand yuan recently in Jinhua Wuyi County town of stone village village a mouth lotus field can often see a pair of middle-aged men and women holding around water cannons made of lotus root thick mud, a skilled hand from sludge, three two digs out a lotus root. This is a piece of lotus root is me." The villagers are happy to dig lotus Zou Wenhu said, now the wholesale price of 6 yuan per kilogram of lotus root, an acre of land can produce 1500 kilograms of lotus, 15 acres of lotus income about 100000 yuan. Zou Wenhu planted dozens of acres of tea, but in recent years, tea prices lower, while the lotus is very popular. Last year, he will own the original rice fields were planted 3 acres of lotus root. In a couple of careful management, lotus harvest, average per mu output value of nearly million yuan. This year, he went to the price of 600 yuan per mu to transfer 12 acres of paddy field to expand the planting area of lotus root. First, laying a layer of plastic film in soil under planting, artificial a Water Leakage lotus pool, and then covered with a layer of organic fertilizer, and plant early, medium and late maturing varieties of lotus root, considerable income.

武义一对夫妻种15亩莲藕 年收入超10万元最近,在金华武义县泉溪镇石甲口村村口的藕田中经常可以看到,一对中年男女一手握着高压水枪冲开莲藕周围厚厚的淤泥,一手熟练地撇清污泥,三下两下便刨出一根藕。“这一片莲藕都是我种的。”正在挖藕的村民邹文虎开心地说,现在每公斤莲藕批发价6元,一亩田能产藕1500公斤左右,15亩莲藕收入10多万元。邹文虎家种有数十亩茶叶,但近几年茶叶行情走低,而莲藕十分畅销。去年,他将自家原来种水稻的3亩田都改种了莲藕。在夫妻俩精心管理下,莲藕获得丰收,平均亩产值近万元。今年,他又以每亩600元的价格流转了12亩水田扩大莲藕种植面积。种植前先在泥土底下铺设一层塑料膜,人工造就了一个不漏水的藕池,再盖上一层有机肥,然后种上早熟、中熟、晚熟品种的莲藕,收入可观。相关的主题文章: