Wuhan two buildings were demolished into the ruins of the owners had not received notice nlite

Wuhan two building was suddenly demolished ruins owners in advance not notified the day before yesterday, is located in Yangluo street, Xinzhou District building two Pan Village factory dormitory building, demolition personnel were suddenly removed. Owners said, did not receive any notice. Yesterday morning, Metropolis Daily reporter on the scene saw two buildings have been demolished the dormitory only a pile of brick rubble (pictured). Next to the open space, parked an excavator. Owners Zhu said that the land and houses belonging to all three of them, has been leased to others. The demolition of the two is the staff quarters are two, a total of 2100 square meters. The day before yesterday afternoon, the workers came to the demolition of a building, yesterday morning and demolition of another building. They did not receive notice. Mr. Sun said the person in charge of the Demolition Company, two houses within the scope of demolition, before the owners have had consultations, but did not reach agreement. He admitted that the site is not strictly in accordance with the construction process. Yangluo City Development Office official said, Mr. Zhu’s factory belongs to the scope of the demolition, will be used to build pan Miaoyi road and other municipal facilities. Prior to the area has been measured, but did not agree with the owners of the demolition compensation, there is no agreement signed demolition, demolition of two quarters of the existence of errors in the work. They have been instructed to apologize to the owners of Demolition Company. (reporter Xiao Hao Liu Xiaobin)相关的主题文章: