World Cup reminder Switzerland nearly 2 war harvest 5 goals in 7 consecutive games unbeaten tamiflu

World Cup reminder: Switzerland nearly 2 war harvest 5 goals in 7 consecutive games unbeaten [] the primary prediction analysis of European football: Andorra vs Switzerland start time: 2016-10-11 analysis: FUN88 02:45:00 hunting ball: 51 15 1.02 FUN88. At the beginning of 51 15 1.03 instant: Andorra is famous for the underdog? Andorra in Europe, currently ranked 203rd in the world and there is no history of the world cup and the European Cup finals in the record. A world cup? Andorra visit Portugal, the team won only 3 shots in the game, the ball rate is less than 20% and 0:6 in the final defeat and back. Andorra? Has always been to lose less when win as the goal, the team in recent years to win, in 50 competitions also recorded only 3 games, the overall strength of the bottom truly in Europe, the fear of absolute disadvantage against Swiss home court party. Andorra has accumulated 25 home court all lost, of which only 6 games won 1 goals, home court advantage is not much confidence in the support of the team. Switzerland Switzerland? A World Cup qualifier at Hungary, team started after a slight initiative but more cautious, the first half failed to score late in strengthening the offensive strength, grasp the opportunity in the gongzhan in ability, and ultimately to 3:2 opponents. Switzerland? Currently ranked sixteenth in the world, Europe also entered the top ten list, which belongs to a very strong team of World Cup wins two battles and occupy the top spot in group B, the players also get great confidence and support. Swiss? The recent performance is excellent, the competitions in the regular time in 7 consecutive games unbeaten, including alive preliminaries opener to beat the new European Cup Portugal record, excellent competitive state. ? Swiss coach Louis Petrovi led into this year’s European Cup top 16, proved its ability to coach, current lineup team Arsenal midfielder Zacca formed effective overall, has been criticized by the offense in game two of the harvest of 5 balls, appear very sharp, the guests did not attack the ability of Andorra may occupy full advantage. The ball game data: Andorra Andorra last 5 games? The big ball rate is 20%, win rate of 60%. Switzerland Switzerland in the last 10 games of the big ball rate of 40%, win the disk rate of 40%. Switzerland nearly 5 away recorded a total of 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, the big ball rate of 40%, winning the disk rate of 60%. (Editor: the Hunter)相关的主题文章: