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.puters-and-Technology Global organizations with the help of the Internet and the technological innovations have created a network of enterprises that are geographically separated but closely knit. With .puters and technology be.ing an integral part of everyday business operations, information and critical data are dependent on technology for its storage and transfer to various locations. However, with this fast method of information sharing .es the fear of data loss. In a networked organization, the security of data and information is based on its network security. Network security which is .plicated has been from historical times been handled by experts who managed network services . With the business expansion, an everyday scenario in most business establishments, new members get wired on everyday. Hence, a clear understanding of the information security services is required for managing the network security. Wikipedia defines network -as any set of interlinking lines resembling a net, an interconnected system, or a network of alliances. A .puter network then can be defined as a system of interconnected .puters, wherein the interconnections can be in a number of ways. Networks are subjected to attacks from malicious sources. These attacks can either be passive (intercepted in the network) or active (initiated) to disrupt the networks operations. When large volume of mission critical data is transferred and .municated through these networks, its security is a matter of grave concern. Network security being the backbone of organizational growth, the process starts by authenticating the user with a username and a password. Authentication can be based on a single factor or multiple factors. The password is an example of a single -factor authentication system. The authentication paves way for a firewall to be put in force that states the policies to access the network by the users. Effective for an unauthorized access, these firewalls fail to check the virus such as .puter worms and Trojans that enter the network. Under such circumstances, the organizations tend to make use of antivirus software and intrusion preventive systems to detect intrusions. For cases like denial-of-service – a network threat, an anomaly-based intrusion detection system will be effective in monitoring the network. Further, encryption of the .munication between tow hosts is done to maintain privacy and safety. Leaders in network consulting services, also make use of honeypots to decoy the network accessible resources. These managed security services provider offer real-time protection to the organizations and reduces the risks involved in an ever-changing threat environment. A techno centric focus, proactive security posture, a flexible delivery model and a balanced approach, by these security service providers ensures that the enterprises are safe from cyber threats, malware infections, phishing attack and web application attacks besides being regulatory .pliant to global standards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: