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Women’s volleyball champion Deng "fan" lead boom   build sports programs — vane people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn poster Sun Yang Zhang Mengxue Beijing women’s volleyball team in late August 23rd 23, Chinese team returned from Rio glory, arrived at the Capital International Airport, and received a warm welcome of nearly a thousand fans. In the face of excited fans pick up girls, women’s mood, and affectionately interact with you. Leave in Rio before Lang Ping led the women’s volleyball team Chinese two key players Hui Ruoqi and Zhu Ting participated in the Zhejiang satellite TV "China champion fan" recording, but on the last night, women’s volleyball series also has aired, the ratings soared, made the TV first proud achievements. "China champion fan" and the Olympic synchronized, the guests are the strongest lineup of the Olympic games. Both Sun Yang, Yi Jianlian, Yi Siling and other sports star, there are Zhang Mengxue, Fu Yuanhui and other Olympic fresh blood. The little princess He Wenna, Prince of thunder fencing, these men of God Goddess grade Olympic athletes to show color to enhance the value of sports stars, in the "Chinese champion fan" shine, so the program has achieved high ratings, the ratings of the first period, to build the domestic sports leader, led the ratings boom after the Olympic era. All the time, netizens impression of the Olympic champion is only in the game, this year’s Olympic athletes under the presence of the image more vivid, three-dimensional, they came to the "China champion fan" to show the audience more optimistic and positive style. The high cold Zhang Mengxue, avatar fans sister, go hip-hop recounttheir most love Yue Yue, there is a Master starchaser. Yi Jianlian and Guo Ailun are fighting game without fear of ridicule, a more "henpecked" title is like a good man. Sun Yang sell adorable Dabao strength Fu Yuanhui gossip, Fu Yuanhui is mad and debris flow expression package, to show the hand piece behind the lonely side. Sports stars set fashion, charm, role models in a variety of champion fan fresh. In the two programs in the women’s volleyball team, Lang Ping and Hui Ruoqi Zhu Ting, who turned three supermodel stunning debut, won countless fans celebrating the "women’s volleyball team, outspoken supermodel! Charm invincible!" Hui Ruoqi and Zhu Ting also on the scene with Liu Weihe Ye Yiqian playing volleyball messenger power game, displaying their level of understanding the world invincible. Lang Ping and Hui Ruoqi, Zhu Ting three people also show each other Jieduan broke the news, Lang Ping responded positively to continue coaching the national team the focus of all the problems. To create a new hot screen after the Olympic Games, the program will continue to use all kinds of killer, Qin Kai and Hezi in marriage after the body appearance, strength and mad child dog dog food, Qin Kai various Tucao hezi. Judo female man in song, will be at the scene of the female self-defense professor. In the end there will be some wonderful content of the program, the evening 21:40, Zhejiang satellite TV, China champion fan, let us look forward to! (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: