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With the Sohu and Hetian durian and Xi Xian aka XXXI NGA, predecessor is designed to do vegetable dish, now extended dishes, in addition to the original Fujian and Guangdong with vegetable dish will create a lot of new dishes, fresh and elegant environment as in the past. Tasty Thai chili meat, as a cold dish, dish really amazing! Taste the trotter compact Q bomb. Green olive shrimps, is a cold dish. Strong color contrast! Drunk heizong geese, rich wine, Maotai flavor, tender but not the goose. Oyster sauce homemade tofu, tofu as tasteless, tender and delicious, add a variety of mushroom taste richer! Steamed chicken skin crab fishing dry ice fans and tender fish sour soup gentian, hot and sour fish delicious Bifengtang cod, especially, with fried way, and collocation of garlic crisp, fast cd. Thailand minwang seal meat durian Hetian, a table is a thick fragrant durian. I thought it was the soup of durian, durian flesh will not rot into slag, or leave the empty shape but there is no smell durian! Bite a mouth, found that the flesh did not disperse, durian flavor! But because the broth also joined the durian with unique fragrance! I want to have another bowl! Hong Kong style BBQ Pork Pastry fruit buns相关的主题文章: