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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Sweepstakes are very popular games that are played all over the world. Initially these games were banned in many countries but now they are played all across the globe. With the advent of internet, online sweepstakes have also gained popularity. These online games have made playing convenient as people do not need to go to any other place for playing these games. Various kinds of prizes are given out to the winners of the sweepstakes. Earlier, cash prizes were also given to the winners of the sweepstakes. Now, free gift cards are given out in majority of the cases. This is more prominent in case of online sweepstakes. Apart from sweepstakes, there are various other means to get free gift cards. Some of them are as follows: Free crapple and free raffle- Like sweepstakes, free crapple and free raffle are also great ways to win free gift cards. These games can also be played online and are more or less same kind of lottery games. Tickets are given out to players and on the day of the draw, if the same ticket number is drawn in the game, the person is declared the winner. Since there are chances of fraud in online games, usually free gift cards are given out to avoid scams and scandals. Participating in online surveys – This is another great way of winning free gift cards. There are various .panies that arrange for online surveys for their products. The participants in these surveys give their feedback regarding the products and in return are awarded free gift cards by the .pany for their efforts in participating in the survey. Social networking sites – Apart from participating in sweepstakes and other online games, social networking sites can also help in winning free gift cards. Various kinds of contests keep running on those sites and you can participate and win prizes in these contests easily. Not only that many celebrities use these sites for promotion purposes. They declare prizes for people who .e and help them in promotion. Mostly free gift cards are given out for these purposes. Marketing and sales campaigns – Nowadays sales and marketing campaigns are hosted both online and offline. People participating in these campaigns are usually rewarded by the .panies. They mostly give out small tokens of appreciation to the participants. However, nowadays free gift cards are also given out widely. These gift cards can be used to purchase things of your choice 相关的主题文章: