Why The Economy Will Help Your Game-remonstrate

The economy, the economy, why will it help? Everyone’s .plaining about the economy. But I have to say, I really can’t relate. I guess I have to deal with inflation, gas prices, and all of my investments taking a hit. But one area I’m not struggling with is, you guessed it! WOMEN. My buddy, who is not good with women, and refuses to actually take any advice I give him, was .plaining the other day. "I got my hours cut, how the heck am I supposed to afford drinks at the club and take girls on dates?" I’ve given up on this guy, since he makes no effort to learn. So I just laughed and told him to sell his TV, "but then girls will laugh at you when you bring them home, so don’t bother!" All kidding aside, I know that a shortage of money hurts everyone, especially us guys. We take pride in being able to support ourselves, and have nice things. As a man, if you can’t earn enough to live a .fortable life, you will begin to feel like a failure. And this is unfortunate, because I believe the economy is in the hands of crooks and liars who don’t care about regular people (but that’s another story). It’s kind of the same with society’s rules for dating and in bed. We get messages from sources outside of ourselves – the media, the authorities, and crack-psychologists – about what a guy is supposed to do to get girls. I don’t know if it’s some kind of conspiracy, but this game they are playing with our jobs and money seems to have the same calling-card. But there’s good news for guys. We might be eating Ramen noodles at the end of the month, but we will never have to sacrifice our longing to be with girls on bed. If you can’t say the same thing for yourself, keep reading. It’s a good thing things weren’t this bad when I was first getting out there and meeting women. I definitely had to buy my fair share of drinks just to get women to talk to me. But of course, once the drink was gone, so was she. At least I have some practice with what NOT TO DO. I ran my own cleaning business after college, and I recall spending tons of money on fancy dates, just to be rejected when I’d go for the kiss. And then she wouldn’t return my calls. I EARNED that money – what’d she do to earn it? Sit there and look pretty, so I could sweat and rack my brain for conversation topics for two hours straight. Hey – at least I’d get a goodnight’s sleep from the exhaustion of being nervous and carrying the mental weight all night. Now if you’re wondering what you’re gonna do now that you’re low on cash, don’t worry. It was only after I quit the cleaning business and was broke as a joke that I actually started making progress. I couldn’t rely on money anymore; I had to step my game up. I started designing dates that required no money, and ended up in bed very fast. I stopped buying drinks as an excuse to meet women. I relied entirely on my conversation skills. I stopped trying to wear fancy clothes and jewelry. I had to get noticed with my presence alone. And I stopped falling into that trap of being the "chivalrous boyfriend who pays for everything." Instead, I became "guy great in bed." Women started calling me for late-night booty calls! This is when I actually began the early workings of my now-famous "Reverse Supplication Method," which essentially breaks down how to use YOUR ability in bed to get women to buy you things. You .pletely reverse the .mon dating dynamic of "guy buys girl stuff to get laid from her." Imagine if your life was a .plete reversal of this – where women did you favors, in order to get you to be in bed with them? Sounds nice? Let me tell you something. I’m not the only guy doing that. There are a lot of men out there – "naturals" – that are getting the royal treatment, simply because of their attractive personality. The irony is, none of these guys deserve it. I know a lot of naturals, and honestly, they are egotistical bastards. But the guys I know, myself included, who are the absolute BEST, are on another level entirely. You don’t have to be a jerk to get girls. Think about where you’re at now. Now think about where you want to be. If there’s a gap between those two places, you have to make a change, NOW. Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo 相关的主题文章: