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Business While Indias richest mans wife could have had no difficulty living the life of Riley, she chose to break all the prejudices and evolved as a woman of substance. While everyone has been taking rounds to speak about the 27-story, 570-foot-tall, 400,000-square-foot Xanadu that Nita Ambani resides in, we tend to overlook her being honored as the Corporate Citizen of the Year 2012 by the All India Management Association (AIMA) for her exceptional efforts towards making a difference to the society. Spearheading DAIS (Dhirubhai Ambani International School ), the educational institution known for the finest quality of education it offers in the country , leading Reliance Foundation that is known to introduce a new realm of corporate philanthropy and running an IPL franchise team , she has taken on varied roles that makes her a-woman-worth-admiring. She has headed Project Drishti, which has undertaken more than 5000 corneal grants free of charge and aims to successfully construct a 400-bed hospital wing. She is also known for her acute business intellect and leadership skills, which is evident from the way she has upgraded education standards with DAIS and derived a success strategy for Mumbai Indians that is considered to be one of the proficient teams in the IPL franchise. Nita Ambanis achievements are many that extend right from the arena of business to social work. Managing a myriad of activities at a time, she will be remembered for more than just than Ambani tag. Being a wife of the business tycoon and a mother of three children has never kept her away from her responsibilities towards the country and society. However, the international media and others are persistently keen on knowing and bringing out issues on Antilla, since the time of its construction in 2007. The New York Times had a featured article speaking about how the Ambanis plan to move into the new house was postponed owing to Vastu Shastra. Antilla is the 27 story home that stretches out to an area of approximately 4, 00, 000 square feet. However, the Ambanis are at present keeping mum about this edifice. A spokesperson for Reliance Industries is known to state that there is no reason to discuss about Antilla in public as it is a personal issue for the Ambanis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: