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"Wa Growth Diary" happy ending. The gods together Nuwa pottery Growth Diary _24 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watching "the female worm Growth Diary", CO produced by the Tencent Tencent entertainment news video, reading group, God fish film, adapted from the starting point of great writers worldcn Ling dance sleeves novel of the same name in particular, Mingyu directed, starred in the song she, Li Huan, Li Shengjia, Chen tournament co starred in the fantasy comedy network drama "WA" growth diary today ushered in the finale. Along the way, the group of four, Yang Yan, Jiang Li small wind and Iraq consisting of common experience and numerous and funny and touching events: Ghost legends, catch demon travel, learn swimming, Iraq crisis, dragon killer storm, forced disappearance, ultimate romance, iraq…… As the story is getting hotter and hotter, what will happen to the four stars? Small wind can successfully repair the heaven? Will her destined partner, Fu Xi, come on? Yang Yanzhu’s little heaven really recognized the best repair spit Nuwa through the front the ups and downs of the development of the story, the mysterious person suddenly shot, small wind on the ground. And users can refer to a tragic God Huan, many net friends were shocked to collapse, what little wind to turn the tide, back to the big house? At the next plot development closely, make people look forward to. After the wind fell to the ground, Yang was not polite to kick a foot, she found that the wound has been automatically healed. Yang Yan returned with a small pottery, pottery to two people do not know how to start small, very guilty feel unworthy of Nu Wa, Yang Yan actually changed the usual tongue wind in the past, that she is the best WA, little touched. Every one of us will have doubts vulnerable moments of self, but not everyone can have such a critical moment like Yang Yan never abandon companion, see two people hand in hand and touching the screen, many users have a message: "if it was so awesome to encourage me, maybe I would sooner to be a better one." We would like to be treated by the world." They encourage repair heaven tears Nuwa call Fu Xi’s encouragement in small Yang Yan finally found the earth to stop the countdown, Yang Yan has disappeared. Just a little lonely and desperate cry, inadvertently with tears repaired the heaven, save all people. We do not have any impression of the end of the world, a small treasure to cherish the opportunity to get together again. Li Long rush accident broke the pottery, we found Fu Xi debris contact number. In all the encouragement, little wind dialed the river a mysterious man off mobile phone…… Who is he? Who is the mastermind of heaven stolen? The story has just begun…… "Wa Growth Diary" since the summer since its launch, to bring joy to millions of viewers in the summer. As a fantasy comedy, suspense horror set a romantic comedy, attention can cater to the modern young people, but also can guide the audience view of social problems from another angle, let people uproarious over, can also have a deeper consideration of the affection and love, grow and actress wind small get together, more unexpected life. Since the play since the broadcast, with a unique easy to engage!相关的主题文章: