Visit Si-o-se Pol In Isfahan If You Are Traveling In

UnCategorized Among the several famous bridges you will see while traveling in Iran, you must visit Si-o-Se Pol which is one of the most beautiful structures known for its numerous arches. It is also known as 33 Arches or the Allah Verdi Khan Bridge. It dates back to Safavid era and it has been constructed using an ingenuous engineering design. Shah Abbas I started this project and the structure was built under the able guidance of Allahverdi Khan, who was the chancellor during the rule of Shah Abbas I. The unique design has two rows with 33 arches. The beginning of the bridge is marked by a large base plank where there is a wonderful tea house. The river Zayandeh can be seen in its full splendor here when you visit Isfahan. View of the Bridge When you travel along the main street in Isfahan, known as Chahar Bagh, you will be able to visit Si-o-Se Pol. It is connecting the main street of the city on both banks. Built in the 17th century it was named after Allahverdi Khan who looked after the construction. It stretches for a length of 175 yards and allows 45 feet width for the vehicles and people to pass through. It has very impressive looks, especially when it is lighted up at night. Another name for the structure is Jolfa bridge. Construction of Allah Verdi Khan Bridge When you visit Si-o-se Pol, you will be impressed by the brick and stone work done on the structure. Research has confirmed that originally there were 40 arches, which were later reduced to 33 after several renovations. The structure was built along with the construction of the Chahar Bagh. Shah Abbas got these historical structures made simultaneously. The bridge was one of the many structures made across the river Zayandeh. This river has its source in the Zagros mountains and mainly flows through Isfahan, ending in a water basin called Gav Khuni marshland. Other Nearby Bridges There are many other famous bridges constructed over this river which can be seen when you visit Si-o-Se Pol. Marnan bridge is a very old structure found near this one. You will also be able to see the Khaju bridge, which is well known for its famous architecture when you visit Isfahan. You cannot help admiring these bridges while traveling in Iran. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: