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Sports-and-Recreation How are your organizational fundraising efforts going? Are you seeing a decrease in your funds due to the economy? If your organization depends on outside revenue for their budget should you not be maximizing your efforts to raise more money? How can you generate enough funds to meet your current budget and also raise money to start new projects? Most organizations depend on volunteers, especially smaller organizations like youth league teams and leagues, to raise the funds to meet their budget needs. Many look at fundraising efforts as a neccessarry evil and sadly make the same mistakes annually when raising money. Listed below are five common mistakes that if corrected, could turn your fundraising efforts into "fun-raising" efforts this year. 1. No Fundraising Plan: It’s hard to get anywhere without the right road map. 2. Improper Goal Setting: Understand the difference between types of goals and communicate this to your group. 3. Not Completing a Cost Analysis: How much do you really need? 4. Improper Timeline: Communicate to everyone your timeline and use the proper timeline to raise your funds. 5. Ignoring Your Network: Take account of who is in your group. 6. Lack of Motivation: Don’t turn off those helping you by using the wrong motivational techniques. Fundraising can be fun it really depends on how you approach it. To accomplish your objectives one must have clearly defined goals and stay organized to maximize their groups efforts. Most fundraising failure is from wasted time due to a lack of planning and organizational networking. There are more organizations today competing for a smaller pool of resources. Plan your efforts wisely and think outside the fundraising box for the maximum results. About the Author: Coach Posey "CP" has been a high school coach in Florida for the past 26 years and is the creator of Expert Baseball Tips offering tips and creative insights to helping others learn the game of baseball from a championship coach’s perspective and experience. Improve your fundraising efforts with a FREE 5 Part Fun-Raising eCourse Article Published On: Start reading this news feed first! Start reading this news first! Don’t wait and read this news first! Don’t wait and view this news item instantly! Don’t wait and grab this news feed instantly! View this news first! 相关的主题文章: