U.S. media China’s new bomber will threaten the United States there are three programs beself

U.S. media: Chinese new bomber will threaten the United States and local three schemes according to the "national interest" bimonthly website reported on September 3rd, Chinese people’s Liberation Army Air force is committed to the development of a new long-range strategic bombers, a fact which was beyond all expectations about this plan, but few details are known. U.S. media said that Beijing’s current long-range strike capability mainly rely on detonation type -6K cruise missile carrier, but the ability of the aircraft did not penetrate enemy airspace, the flight is not enough to attack on the continental United states. It is reported that, for the vast Pacific theater, a platform capable of carrying a large payload on a long distance flight would be very useful because there is little ground base available. Outside mainland China, Beijing has only a small number of vulnerable artificial island runways that can be used to deploy its air force forward. Thus, a new long-range bomber with an intercontinental range and a large load will give China the ability to pose a threat to the U.S. Army at a further distance. Reported that, with enough range and large enough payload capacity and appropriate land attack cruise missile loading, a new generation of China bombers may be able to make the United States the target is in danger. At present, in addition to cyber attacks, China has not yet been able to crack down on the United States to achieve the objectives of the United States – as the Rand Co in a recent study pointed out that. At the same time, in the event of war, the United States is unlikely to launch attacks on the target, Chinese was overcautious. Reported that, although the project is no details about Chinese bombers that Beijing can choose with subsonic Boeing B-52 long-range strategic bombers or -95 "bear" long-range strategic bombers similar long-range supersonic cruise missile carrier; or is a concept with Tupolev figure -160 pirate flag similar long-range supersonic bomber design; or some with Northrop – Grumman B-2 "stealth" stealth strategic bomber similar. In view of China has to fly into the f -20 and f -31 Shenyang show some R & D stealth fighter, Beijing may choose to design a low detection.相关的主题文章: