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Business Women love Jane Fonda. She is the fitness star who has made exercising fun and inspiring. Little wonder that Jane Fonda exercise videos can be found in almost every household that harbors health-conscious ladies. Do you know why most of the women quit exercise programs? Its either lack of motivation after a few sessions or that slowly creeping boredom that pulls them away. Oh, how much the women wish to have well-toned bodies! Many simply sigh at the sensuous bikini displayed at the store and walk by. They dare not imagine themselves in it. With that flab sticking out they cannot afford to don those teeny weeny bits of clothing. However, Jane Fonda total body sculpting videos have given a ray of hope to aspiring bikini-wearers. The wonderful thing about these videos is that they are meant for all types of women. Whether you are a teen, a lady in her 30s, or somebody gracefully touching her 50s, you can always start working on your body to give it a toned and sexy look. The Breaking News! All those Jane Fonda fans, attention! The fitness queen is back with a bang. This time she has two new DVDs, especially for baby boomers and for ladies who have never moved a muscle. The DVDs are scheduled for release on November 30 this year (the dates might change, so please specify). One of her DVDs is titled Jane Fonda: Prime Time Walkout. It focuses on one of the simplest and the most effective physical activity, walking. Her other DVD is titled Jane Fonda: Prime Time Fit & Strong. This Jane Fonda workout video focuses on low-impact exercise routine, which helps in developing strength, burning calories, and getting energized. When you look at the covers of the new Jane Fonda exercise videos, youd be awestruck. Jane Fonda looks fabulous, even at 72! Oh, well, the spandex may not seem as glossy as before; but we can forgive her for that, after all gals, shes seventy plus! Now, if Jane can look great at this age, whats with you girls? You have great chances to fit into your favorite bikini, that too, within a few weeks of starting the exercise program. We cannot forget her best seller workout video titled Jane Fondas Workout, which she had released in 1982. It had sold a whooping 17 million copies! After this astounding success, she never looked back and continued to produce more Jane Fonda exercise videos, 22 in number, to be precise, which does not include these two new ones. Shes still in her fit form and as motivational as she was before. One look at her and you cannot help but try to become like her, or think, Why am I not like her? So, if youre still clueless about these wonder videos, all is not lost yet. You can still get one of the Jane Fonda exercise videos and start toning your body. Its never too late to do anything healthy and good for your body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: