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TV drama "Sun Zhongshan" fixing Xue Hao culture body multiple spy – Entertainment Sohu recently, niche strength Xue Haowen joined by Finance (Beijing) film and television production center, the Yong Hui (Beijing) Company produced, directed by Zhang Shaoming, directed by Lin Wei to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan historical drama "Sun Zhongshan" crew. Xue Haowen plays the corner Zhennan in the opera. The mob against the Qing government because of severe and fatal disaster, the body being faced, was rescued by Sun Zhongshan and its appreciation, to become Sun Zhongshan’s entourage. In fact, Zhennan edge is the true identity of nobles Han banners, loyal to the Qing government, while Zhennan is only his pseudonym. However, in Sun Zhongshan’s selfless revolutionary mind the whole world as one community infection, while Zhennan gradually accepted Sun Zhongshan’s ideas. Especially when the side found Sun Zhongshan had Zhennan concealed his true identity is not only not to hurt him, but as in the past to love and trust him, for he Sun Zhongshan’s reverence and rebirth, arise spontaneously, from undercover transformed into Sun Zhongshan adherents, Sun Zhongshan become irreplaceable zuobangyoubi. But failure also let revolution edge Zhennan hesitation and wavering, became the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Shikai, Kang Youwei, Japanese all parties for chess, each side trying to let it become buried themselves in Sun Zhongshan side undercover, the key moment is Sun Zhongshan as he pointed out the direction of bring order out of chaos. The edge of Zhennan espionage this time to restart, for Mr. Sun and the revolution, super spy edge Zhennan deal in between the forces of the parties, shuttling between Beijing and Tianjin, Sun Zhongshan gave him a revolutionary mission, which also came into contact with Li Dazhao and other Communist Party and communism. The "edge Zhennan" wise and calm. Undemonstrativeness, quick witted resourceful, masterful and strong execution. The seemingly frail scholar, was a warrior of the people, and for the teacher who. Xue Haowen has many years of boxing exercise experience, more private love playing walnut, Neiwaijianxiu, also the paper also force the role, which helped him better interpretation of "edge Zhennan.". At present, the play will enter the post production wildly beating gongs and drums, expect Xue Haowen to bring a masterpiece for the audience.相关的主题文章: