Travelling To Olympics

Outdoors Try to imagine that you are an American tourist (trust me it isnt hard). You have booked a trip to Britain and you plan to take in the capital. What goes through your mind when you think of London? Bobbies on the beat; red telephone boxes; red buses and ah yes! Black cabs. I might be wrong, but I would suggest that a top of the range BMW was not on your list. Not so Olympic Games organisers LOCOG who last week unveiled their 4,000 strong fleet of German vehicles. These luxury limos will be driven by chauffeurs who are undergoing assessment to ensure their driving skills match the test that black cab drivers have to achieve before they are allowed to ply for hire on the streets of London. Depending on the grade given, these voluntary drivers could end up driving a top of the range BMW M5 or delivering parcels in another BMW vehicle. So if ferrying the Olympic Family around the capital was not deemed to represent London, then surely the humble black cab has a part to play in the years sports fest. The cab ranks at the adjacent Westfield shopping centre will be closed due to security fears during the 2012 Olympics at the eleventh hour after much consideration 20 taxi rank spaces have been allocated at Stratford station. So how do you get to the Olympic site? The organisers have thought this through and to make London 2012 the greenest Olympics in history, bus, train and bike are the preferred modes of transport. Now forgive me for labouring the point an appropriate term in the circumstances but should you wish to leave the Olympics and you are disabled or a woman in labour sharing a train with 80,000 others leaving the venue at the same time might prove daunting. No problem say LOCOG who incidentally have paid well over the odds for the building and services contracts to meet self-imposed diversity .mitments giving work to firms which agreed to employ disabled staff and not those .panies submitting the most .petitive tenders use public transport. You can of course pre-book a cab assuming you know when you might go into labour or be.e unwell. Or try to find the odd taxi rank. Early reports suggest that these ranks are located in such obscure places we are going to need all our powers of observation just to find them, let alone a member of the public with urgent needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: