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Computers-and-Technology Keylogger is a tool that is being installed on the computer and used in recording password, keystrokes, and other important information. This one is the most common tool that is used by hackers and can be totally dangerous when your computer contains essential information you have to protect. This shows that you have to keep your computer from the keyloggers if you don�t wish your information to be taken. In protecting the PC against keyloggers, there are easy ways for that. To get an anti-keylogger program is the first thing you�ll do. These are applications created to block algorithms used by keyloggers and keep them from saving the keystrokes and obtaining the significant information. Therefore, with this program your vital information will be safe totally. The internet provide immense of programs where you can get one. There are other things that you can do and it�s to download the keyboard scrambler. The keyboard scrambler works through encrypting keystrokes and submitting the transcripts of the keylogger unreadable. When you are using a Firefox as your web browser you can get a free keyboard scrambler as a bonus. Hence, you don�t have to look for this one anymore. When you don�t have a keyboard scrambler you can find some of the programs also in the internet. Finally, make use of firewall and antivirus/anti-spyware software. Given that the programs are not 100% effectual and will not protect against the hardware keyloggers, they�ll protect against more slightly installed keyloggers. Hence, you have to utilize a program when you utilize your computer to make it free from keyloggers in the future. This is another great way to make your computer be safe from the keyloggers. If you really want to protect your important information in your computer, these ways on how to avoid the keyloggers will help you with that. Just follow all of these ways and your computer will be very safe. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: