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College-University The tourism and travel industry is growing rapidly. This has led to a huge boost in the hotel industry. In the recent years the number of resorts and five star hotels that have sprung up is humongous. Many five star hotels are opening up branches in Kolkata itself so that they can provide their services to the people. The fast spreading growth in the hotel industry has increased the number of job opportunities immensely. These hotels require well trained staff for the smooth functioning. In the past many students were not even aware of the career options that a diploma in hotel management could offer them. It was not a career that many opted for or were keen on setting foot into. However, times have changed now, and plenty of students are flocking to institutes of hotel management. There are plenty of people that are working in hotels without a degree in hotel management, however to get a job in a good hotel you need to have a degree from a good institute of hotel management. The courses that these institutes offer are designed to train you in all the departments and requirements of the hotel industry. The course covers both practical and theoretical subjects. Not only is one taught how to manage a hotel; but you are trained how to conduct yourself in public, how to dress, and how to behave with the people you serve. A job in a hotel is not all glitz and glamor. Be prepared to work hard and for long hours. There are plenty of areas in the hotel industry that are male dominated; but, there is a heavy demand for women too. With a degree in hotel management you can get a job in other fields to like aviation, travel and tourism, public relations, and travel management. There are plenty of institutes that offer courses in hotel management; but, you need to find an institute that will offer you a course that will later on help you to get a good job. With so many institutes to choose from, you may think that finding one to suit your needs may be difficult. Here are a few tips to make your task easier: The first step to finding a good institute is to ask around. You may have cousins, or friends that are doing a course in hotel management. You could ask them for some re.mendations. Make use of the internet. Most institutes have their own web pages that have detailed information about the institute. By simply going through the content on the web site you will get to know about the various courses they offer. Do not opt for the first institution you .e across. Look up a few institutions, .pare the courses they offer and then make your choice. Ensure that you opt for an institution that offers job placements once the course is .pleted. This will help you to get in contact with some of the best .panies in the industry. If you are looking for a good institute of hotel management in Kolkata then you should opt for Applied Professional Training. They have a variety of courses that are sure to benefit you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: