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Played the song to lead the new prosperity and win-win drawing: Zhang Fangman beautiful autumn, the memory of Hangzhou. Was the starting point of the Silk Road, has become the focus of attention of the world, the hands of the leaders of the group of twenty again tightly linked, the global economy will embark on a new journey here. At the G20 summit in Hangzhou, discussed whether inside, or outside the open communication, there is a high frequency keywords: "Belt and Road Initiative". History pointer back three years ago. In September 2013, the central general secretary Xi Jinping came to the fruit fragrance, put forward to build "Silk Road Economic Belt" concept; in October of the same year, coconut cool in Southeast Asia, general secretary Xi Jinping has issued a "twenty-first Century to build the maritime Silk Road initiative. 100 should be a call, "The Belt and Road" initiative to make the world’s longest two economic artery, cultural corridor, out of the depths of history, the era of symphonic ensemble. This three years, "The Belt and Road" from the Chinese initiative has gradually become the world’s strongest, full of strong appeal; this three years, "The Belt and Road" from the grand vision gradually into reality results, showing vigorous vitality; the three years, "The Belt and Road" from the government gradually turned to the parties, the release of the unique attraction. In August this year, in Tajikistan, sponsored by the construction of "vakh dart – Ya Wan railway, residents no longer need to bypass the neighbours, the local economy has also ushered in a new hope; in September, in Pakistan, the foundation of Gwadar Port Free Zone Pakistan cooperation in the construction of the sail, as" The Belt and Road flagship project towards Pakistan Economic Corridor the pace of new…… Embryonic form, vision extension. Three years of practice has proved that the "The Belt and Road construction in line with the common demands of today’s world development and promoting peace, show the Chinese as a responsible country’s self-confidence, mind and play, leading along the countries to promote win-win, create new prosperity. The new blueprint — a win-win "The Belt and Road" in July, from 101 countries, 212 mainstream media representatives gathered in Beijing, organized by the people’s Daily "2016 Belt and Road Initiative media cooperation forum. This forum has been held since 2014, the three session, has become the most widely held by the Chinese media, the country’s largest, the world’s largest media summit. The forum, brilliant ideas, the collision point of view, sparkling discourse, prolonged applause. Delegates agree sincerely in different regions, different color sense, "The Belt and Road initiative burst vitality and win a miniature world praise. The desert camel, blue white. Open the world political and economic landscape, "The Belt and Road" East Asia Pacific Economic Circle, the West into the European economic circle, holds an important position, involving more than and 60 countries and regions, covering a population of about 4 billion 400 million of GDP, about $23 trillion, accounting for 63% of the world and 29% respectively. After the international financial crisis, the depth of the adjustment period, the development of countries along the strong will, eager to find new development patterns and regional cooperation. Strengthening international cooperation and policy coordination, together with the challenges of the crisis, has become a consensus. "Not a solo in China, but a chorus of countries along the way" is not to create their own backyard, but to build countries to share;相关的主题文章: