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The three year old baby both really good? What can the woman life section several times you made? – maternal Sohu in many places, there is a misconception that the " three years with two " is a good thing, is a couple of good performance. Even some women think that married women’s children, might as well give children, one-time birth, so as not to affect the day after work. And recently, the wife of actor Benny Chan, but also an amazing rate of a year, 5 years of caesarean section of the 4, shocked everyone! So, a woman’s life can withstand several caesarean section? Is it really a good way to make a year? This uterus is tough? Obstetric experts head " some unbelievable, but the safety of the mother is really a blessing. " obstetric experts see this " tough womb " after the news, surprised to shake his head. " medical guide the new requirements again after the correction, the delivery time from the previous delivery time for at least 18 months. This is because after caesarean section, will leave about 10 cm knife on the uterus, take time to heal. But for the sake of insurance about 2 years interval, some doctors are still in use. " experts said, count the same number of caesarean section s and Cathy Chui, every child almost 2 years interval follow the principle. Because if the scar of poor healing, pregnancy, and pregnancy is likely to rupture of uterus, postpartum hemorrhage, placenta previa, placenta implantation scar and other high-risk situations, to the detriment of maternal and child health. 7 years 5 patients with cesarean section patients, uterine thinnest is transparent like " powerful " the uterus is not before, it is understood that in 2014 Nanjing had 5 admissions over a 7 year cesarean section maternal, but in late pregnancy ultrasound showed that the uterine wall thinnest is almost transparent, like a piece of paper, may rupture at any time. The operation process is more difficult, abdominal adhesions have already enlarged uterus in a complete mess, and the abdominal wall cannot separate, finally barely separated a small local caesarean delivery children. In addition, because the scar of the uterus has been no elastic fiber tissue instead, pull open also shrink, suture difficulty is increased. Want to remind pregnant with a second child, first try to birth it to prevent uterine rupture occurred in this extreme case, the best way is to reduce uterine surgery, regardless of whether pregnant women physical scars, reducing the risk of cesarean section for the first time is the best choice. This means that children choose the best delivery instead of cesarean section, not just the physical scars, even if the normal body pregnant again after cesarean section, uterine rupture may have wound. If women do physical scars uterine surgery and intend to have a second child, for the best pre pregnancy check to the hospital, ask the doctor to judge the risk of pregnancy. Pregnant women have a good grasp of the best time interval in cesarean section in two to three years to get pregnant again, a short interval of time, uterine scar on the muscle is not formed; a long time interval, the degree of muscle scar becomes poor, flexibility becomes smaller, but also easy to rupture. After cesarean section pregnant women, pregnant 2相关的主题文章: