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Three elements of healthy beauty? 3 product fix – Sohu BNT news recently as a model like thin type of beauty has not become popular. Because of the popularity of all kinds of "light" makeup, women with both skin and shape are becoming the objects that many people aspire to be. The three essential elements of shaping healthy beauty are elasticity, luster and moisture. Although understand the three elements of health beauty, but do not know what to do, then please pay attention to the following content. In order to create rich elasticity, luster, good moisture skin Xiaobian specially for everybody from the 3 products. 1. supplement skin moisture to the skin replenishment is the premise of all work. Only skin moisturizing and firming, you can do other follow-up management. Usually, drinking more than 2L of water everyday is the most common way. But it’s not easy to stick to it. Therefore, Xiaobian prepared for you even if there is no water can fundamentally supplement the moisture of the skin of the single product. (strain) new way I love Latin American Li Pando (NEWTREE PANDORA BEAUTY TIME Cola light EverCollagen TIME) as long as a daily oral package. And you can drink directly without water, is a convenient intake of internal beauty products. With low molecular weight collagen peptide and vitamin C products, not only can help moisturize skin, prevent skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, is an intelligent beauty products. 2. to enhance the skin elasticity replenishment, the next thing to do is to enhance skin elasticity. The beauty of health actually means that the skin has elasticity. Not only the facial skin, but also from the skin of the body is also easy to perceive the aging of the skin, so to be managed. Especially in the recent dry weather, ignoring the management of body skin, horny and wrinkle generation, it will be out of control. BURT ‘S BEES Lemon & Vitamin E Bath & Body Oil can add plenty of water and nutrition to the skin, make the skin texture more lustrous and moist. But it can also be used as a massage oil to use, or in the bath or foot bath when bathing agent, fresh lemon fragrance can also help ease the pressure. 3. let hair shine, do a good job of facial skin and body skin care, the last thing to do is hair management. Remember that in addition to skin health, nourishing hair is an important factor in determining the face of beauty. Paris L’OREAL (L’Oré Al Paris) Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich is composed of orange blossom, Daisy, lotus and other 6 kinds of extracts and active ingredients mixed with the rich made, can provide deeper nutrients to the hair, to create a more elegant hair moisturizing. Jin Runjing Jin Meiwen Niu Li Road (Shanghai) trading company, BURT S BEES L’Oré Al Paris, Paris L’OREAL, BNT news DB www.pandorabeauty.mes

健康美女三元素? 3款产品搞定-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 最近如模特一样干瘦型美女已经不再成为流行。由于各种“光”妆的流行,皮肤和身材都健康的女性成为很多人渴望成为的对象。   塑造健康美的必备三元素就是弹力、光彩、水分。虽然了解了代表健康美的三元素,但不知该如何是好,那么就请关注以下内容。为了塑造富有弹力、光彩、水分的好皮肤小编特别为大家摘选了3款产品。   1. 补充皮肤水分      给皮肤补水是所有工作的前提。只有皮肤滋润紧致了,才可以做其它后续管理。通常每日喝2L以上的水是最普遍的方法。但是想要坚持做好并不容易。因此小编为大家准备了即使没有水也能从根本上补充皮肤水分的单品。   (株)纽途丽潘多拉美爱我可乐亮TIME (NEWTREE PANDORA BEAUTY EverCollagen TIME)只要每日口服一包即可。而且可以不喝水直接摄取,是一款方便摄取的内在美容产品。产品中含有低分子胶原蛋白肽和维他命C成分,不仅帮助保湿肌肤,还能预防紫外线引起的皮肤损伤,是一款智能型美容单品。   2. 提升皮肤弹力      补水之后接下来要做的就是提升皮肤弹力。健康美其实就表示皮肤有弹力。不仅是面部肌肤,从身体的皮肤上也很容易察觉到皮肤老化,因此要加以管理。尤其是像最近这样干燥的天气,忽视了身体肌肤的管理,角质和皱纹生成,就会一发不可收拾。   BURT’S BEES Lemon & Vitamin E Bath & Body Oil可以给皮肤增添充足的水分与营养,令皮肤纹理更加光泽滋润。而且该产品还可当作按摩油来使用,或者在泡脚或泡澡时当入浴剂使用,清爽的柠檬香味还能帮助缓解压力。   3. 让秀发散发光彩      做好了面部皮肤和身体皮肤的护理后,最后要做的就是秀发的管理。切记除了皮肤,健康滋润的秀发也是决定童颜美貌的重要因素。   巴黎欧莱雅(L’Oréal Paris) Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich是由柑橘花、雏菊、莲花等6种花提取物和丰富的活性成分混合而制成,可以给发丝提供更深层的营养,打造更滋润飘逸的秀发。金润靖 金媚 文 纽途丽(上海)商贸有限公司,BURT’S BEES,L’Oréal Paris 巴黎欧莱雅,bnt新闻DB   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章: