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The writer Beicun open shop selling home not just "nostalgia" – Beijing, Beijing, Changting, 29 August Xinhua: writer Beicun returning open shop selling not only the "nostalgia" author Zhang Jinchuan "come back just because the memory of hometown, in order to get home on the tongue memory referral is out." nostalgia "." To return to open shop, famous writer Beicun explained his intention. Bei Cun, whose real name is Kang Hong, born in 1965 in Changting County, selected fifty strong Chinese novels (1978-2000) outstanding writer. His novel creation from the vanguard novel, is a legendary famous writer. At the end of July this year, his "natural village life Museum" in his hometown of Fujian in Changting on the line. Adhere to the "natural life of about 10 years in Beijing, because living in the suburbs, the home garden is relatively large, grow their own vegetables, eat their own food supply their own basic." The village has a unique perspective on the nature of life. His shop named "village natural life hall", it is not hard to understand. Pictured with lover Lin Yong Bei Cun home shop. Photo by Zhang Bin in "village natural living museum", selling products from Changting Bei Cun River town "five world famous chicken" one of the "river frog", attracted many celebrities, "Hetian" has become a hot word search. "I am a ten years old in Hetian town life grow up, their hometown for Hetian is love." Living in Beijing, he is from the river as the main carnivorous frog home mail. "Nostalgia" this month after month and year after year growth. Plus Beijing haze weather, road congestion, the village decided his family returned to Changting. Back home, the writer found that there are many good things, but not enough visibility. "Hetian is a variety of the World Award, but it is not the provincial boundary, which requires us to promote it out, at the same time to provide quality assurance, the good stuff to restore." In this way, the writer turned shop owner. In order to make eco agricultural products online shopping customer approved in the village at his hometown reputation for product endorsement. He and his electricity supplier team to do everything very carefully, do not abuse the trust of customers". Kitamura personally authorized promotion planning case, but also to find old tramp over mountains and through ravines and good quality food safety features. High quality products, logistics and distribution plus quick, making the "natural life Museum opened a village" will win the trust of consumers. Let village more happy is also a good price to sell good stuff. In his eyes, Changting is a Ecological County, there are many natural ingredients, he takes Changting as the base, to do the national market. Commodity circulation format has changed, the Internet, the Internet of things, the whole degree of logistics so that the physical store in the electricity supplier status, who can not adapt to this trend." Beicun believes that his fans from all over the country, especially in the north, on the wide and other capital city mostly, the electricity supplier to promote home products is the most appropriate. The writer works for his film adaptation of "Zhou Yu’s train" is famous, but also from the sale of registered with "Zhou Yu’s train" name products, long)相关的主题文章: