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The women’s divorce second days being dun know her ex husband left 650 thousand missing debt – Sohu news recently, who lives in Yunnan Qujing Ms. Zhu said, in her own knowledge, become the common debts and liabilities of the debtor ex 650 thousand yuan, and by the continuous cable creditors debt, led to the spirit of good. Yesterday, homicide No. 37 (ID:zhonganzu37) and learned more than Ms. Zhu similar people formed a mutual aid group, wants to revise the "Supreme People’s Court on the application of < > in People’s Republic of China; marriage law; interpretation of several issues (two)" twenty-fourth rules (hereinafter referred to as the 24), within the framework of the law to solve the "marriage of a party in improper debt, the other party shall bear joint liability issues. Ms. Zhu ex husband Zhang on February 2015 to write IOUs, owed 189920 yuan. Respondents for map divorce second days was Ms. Zhu Dun said, and her husband Zhang in July 2010 the licensing of marriage, because of family conflicts, in 2011 two people began separated and divorced in May 2015. Divorce second days she will be debt to the unit, after her ex husband missing, they went to my unit to ask for money, I don’t know what happened." Ms Zhu told the case No. 37 (ID:zhonganzu37), Zhang previously to do the project to make a living, after the dispute arising from the project. After the divorce, she knew that in the past couple of years, her husband had been borrowing money in her name. According to the court issued a verdict, Ms. Zhu and her ex husband Zhang total of four loans, the first three were by kylin District Court of Yunnan Qujing city is recognized as the common debt, the last is Xishan District Court of Kunming city found that do not belong to the common debt repayment, and by zhang. Ms Zhu said that the three lost her wages and the fund have been frozen, July 2015, the only shelter was preserved, is currently undergoing the second auction." She said that a number of creditors in the implementation phase of a tough attitude, after coordination, agreed to leave her 1500 yuan per month living expenses. "Because of these things, my depression is not recurring. Emotional instability, and colleagues around the tension, the leadership side of my opinion, while sympathetic to me." At present, she has resigned to the leadership. Four lawsuit only once won the case No. 37 (ID:zhonganzu37) noted that the decision was referred to the four Ms Zhu and her ex husband loan time. The first ious time is July 2014, 300 thousand yuan, the creditor is a police, police units near Ms. Zhu said, the money is borrowed to help Ms. Zhu zhang. Second IOUS is January 2015, the plaintiff said Zhang borrow 150 thousand. Creditors said that the money is from bank loans, pre deducted the first month interest. From the time, the principal has been basically completed." Third IOUS is by February 2015 under a loan, 190 thousand yuan, Ms. Zhu’s name was not on the iou. Creditors claimed to have been a business partner Zhang, procuratorate hearing, he admitted.相关的主题文章: