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The V type reversal of short-term trend is strong hot column capital flows thousands of stocks the latest diagnostic evaluation of thousands of simulation trading clients – Rating Zhang Lijing told reporters yesterday, three days of futures rebounded bottom, from green into red disc. At the close, IF1603 contract closed at 3039.8 points, or 1.11%; IH1603 contract closed at 2010.8 points, up 0.96%; IC1603 contract closed at 5881.8 points, up 1.41%. On the basis of IF1603, a stock index 69.74 points premium, IH1603 premium 30.59 points, 229.24 points premium IC1603. The transaction positions, yesterday in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures traded 22 thousand and 300 hands, total 44 thousand and 800 hand positions. The SSE 50 index futures traded 7532 hands, 18 thousand and 900 hand positions. The CSI 500 futures traded 15 thousand and 400 hands, 25 thousand and 500 hand positions. The IF1603 contract, the main battle appeared Masukura action, long Masukura more obvious. The IH1603 contract and IC1603 contract main seat whole appeared masukura. Zhongzhou futures believes that, judging from the disk, yesterday zhongpan closed at most stocks gains across the board, with the long shadow of the candle, the short-term technical form was strong. The short-term market is expected to continue to expand, but for the time being or in accordance with the oversold rebound to treat, too early to talk about reverse, recently there should be repeated. Short term participation is advisable. GF futures analyst Huang Miao said that the market yesterday weak concussion, the stock index in early trading after opening low, although somewhat upward, but the lack of strength to turn down. But the afternoon stock index again The path winds along mountain ridges., turning slowly upward shocks to the red plate rose 0.88%. Index, 4 contract three futures were reflected in a nearly far weaker feature, volume and position have increased. Huang Miao believes that, in terms of funds, although the balance of the two financial rebound, but the rebound is not strong and still below 900 billion yuan, reflecting the rebound in the market still has a strong concentration of caution, short-term trend is difficult to do more force. However, taking into account the current market valuation has a higher margin of security, superposition of speculation before the two sessions, the market is also very small downward probability. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

期指V型反转 短线走势偏强 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   □本报记者 张利静   昨日,三大期指日内探底回升,由绿盘转为红盘。截至收盘,IF1603合约收报3039.8点,涨幅1.11%;IH1603合约收报2010.8点,上涨0.96%;IC1603合约收报5881.8点,上涨1.41%。基差方面,IF1603较现货指数贴水69.74点,IH1603贴水30.59点,IC1603贴水229.24点。   成交持仓方面,昨日沪深300期指成交2.23万手,总持仓4.48万手。上证50期指成交7532手,持仓1.89万手。中证500期指成交1.54万手,持仓2.55万手。IF1603合约上,主力多空均出现增仓动作,多头增仓更为明显。IH1603合约及IC1603合约主力席位整体出现增仓。   中州期货认为,从盘面情况来看,昨日个股多数飘红,终盘报收带长下影阳线,短线技术形态显强。短线市场有望继续向上拓展,但暂且还是依照超跌后的反弹来对待,谈反转为时尚早,近期应该还有反复。短线参与为宜。   广发期货分析师黄苗表示,昨日市场全天弱势震荡,沪指早盘低开后虽有所上冲,但力度不足转向下跌。不过峰回路转,午后沪指再遇转向,缓步震荡上行以红盘上涨0.88%收报。期指方面,三大期指的4个合约均体现出近强远弱特征,成交量和持仓量都有所增加。黄苗认为,资金方面,两融余额方面虽有回升,但回升力度不大且仍位于9000亿元以下,反映出反弹行情下资金依然有较浓谨慎情绪,短期难形成趋势做多合力。不过考虑到目前市场估值有较高的安全边际,叠加两会前的炒作预期,市场大幅向下概率也很小。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: