The tourists were China! These 7 kinds of tourists should really be banned-ssport

The tourists were China! These 7 tourists really should be forbidden to enter, remember that Taiwan netizens drawn on the subway in the ten subway monster? It’s just vivid. In fact, in life, similar "demon" everywhere. Take the son of the most familiar tourism accounted for, on the road, some of the "demon" you must have seen, although with China descent, but they are the object of love brought about Dave X. And soon to the tourist season, take the son with these "demon" out to everyone to see, if you want to stay alive in the mortal world, advise or not like them to practice into a demon. The following "evil wind" for personal behavior, any similarity is purely coincidental. The spider demon demon: climbing. Please fill your brain with spider figures on the wall. This uncle, are you monkey pie to save this fruit tree? Suzhou Xuanmiao temple, a "demon" climb a tree picking ginkgo. Mushroom cool, play what, that boy is really handsome? There is no wise silver saint in front! Anhui, Fuyang, the "demon" somehow climbed the fence. Do you think this is a child climbing a rock? I tell you this is a more than 600 year history of the Nanjing city wall in the Sun Demon demon: reckless uninhibited. Just do myself. for shame, to cover the eyes of the son. Please believe in the childe, this is really not at home. The "monster" is actually the underwear in the seat back in the Chiang Mai airport terminal on. Oh God, this is the most wonderful for childe have seen the demon travel. The weapon in the middle is too bright and blind. Discharge demon this demon characteristic: release poison gas. Unable to control excretory capacity due to poor functioning of an organ in the body. The picture is "beauty", words. The demon demon Kacha features: love lens. "Click", click ""…… "Leadership, you quickly ride up, so you are more cattle than cattle.""…… When the son heard this, he didn’t know what to do. In front of the famous bull bronze sculpture in Wall Street, our "demon" turned over the serfs and sat down". Beijing International Sculpture Park, many tourists in the outing, "demon" treading cattle. Doodle demon features: artistic breath. The pen, so is the lack of sense of beauty. The Ding classmate must have seen much of the journey to the west, and wanted to leave his mark of "one visit" in the temple of Luxor in egypt. Boy, do you know this is Egypt’s historic site for more than 3000 years? The heart of Egypt, wow, cool, cool. Write in Ginkgo leaves painting is likely to become a treasure, but this "anand"…… Really ugly. Does your house know? Taiwan, Taitung famous scenic spot "water to the upper reaches" botanical garden in 30 crown agave four hundred or five hundred leaves, mainland tourists on the lettering message. Garbage demon this demon characteristics: a lot of numbers, very strong skills. "I flick my sleeves and don’t take away a cloud." Just a sunrise, a view of the sea, skills, boundless, there is wood. Hainan Sanya East China Sea area of 2.8 km long coastline, over 50 tons of garbage left by evildoer. Enjoy the charm of Maggie Cheung, this group of garbage demon!

中国游客照妖镜!这7种游客真的应该禁止入内  还记得当年台湾网友绘制的出没于地铁上的十大“地铁妖怪”吗?简直生动入人心。其实生活中,类似的“妖”无处不在。  就拿占公子最熟悉的旅游来说,在旅途中,有些“妖”你们一定都见过,虽都具中国血统,但它们是歪果仁最爱拿来叨X的对象。  又快到旅游旺季了,占公子带这些“妖”出来给大家看看,如果大家还想留活在凡间,奉劝还是不要像他们一样修炼成妖了。  以下“妖风”为个人行为,如有雷同,纯属巧合。  蜘蛛妖  此妖特点:爬高上低。请先脑补蜘蛛侠吸在墙上攀爬的画面。  这位大叔,您是猴子派来拯救这颗果树的吗?苏州市玄妙观,一“妖”攀爬上了一颗银杏树采摘银杏。  菇凉,玩什么那小子真帅?前方可没有智银圣!安徽阜阳,这“妖”不知什么原因竟然爬起了围墙。  你以为这是孩子在学攀岩?我告诉你这是有着六百多年历史的南京明城墙  晒内妖  此妖特点:率性不羁。Just do myself.  羞羞,占公子都想捂眼睛了。请相信占公子,这真的不是在家。我们这位“妖”居然把内衣、内裤晒在清迈机场候机大厅的座椅靠背上。  天了噜,这是占公子见过的最奇葩的旅行妖。中间那武器颜色太鲜亮,直接闪瞎双眼。  排泄妖  此妖特点:释放毒气。因身体某器官功能不佳,无法控制排泄能力。  画面太“美”,语塞了。  咔嚓妖  此妖特点:喜欢镜头。“咔嚓”、“咔嚓”……  “领导,你快骑上去啊,那样你就比牛还牛了”……占公子听到这话也不知道如何是好,在华尔街的这个著名的公牛铜雕塑面前,我们的“妖”“翻身农奴把牛坐”。  北京国际雕塑公园,许多游客在踏青,“妖”在踏牛。  涂鸦妖  此妖特点:艺术气息。大笔一挥,就是这么缺少美感。  这位丁同学一定是看多了西游记,想在埃及卢克索神庙留下自己“到此一游”的印记。孩子,你知道这是埃及3000多年的历史古迹吗?埃及人的心哇凉哇凉的。  在银杏树叶上写字画画很可能成为珍宝,但这“阿南”……真丑。你家阿南知道吗?  台湾台东知名景点“水往上流”植物园里的30株皇冠龙舌兰四五百片叶片上,大陆的游客在上面刻字留言。  垃圾妖  此妖特点:数量极多,功力极强。“我挥一挥衣袖,不带走一片云彩。”  只是赏个日出,观个海,功力无边有木有。海南三亚大东海景区长达2.8公里的海岸线长,遍布50吨“妖孽”留下的垃圾。  欣赏完张曼玉的妩媚,这群垃圾妖开始作怪了。北京草莓音乐节,三天吸引游客25万人次,而观众离场后,现场垃圾遍地、一片狼藉。  处处都有垃圾妖的身影。  洗脚妖  此妖特点:爱干净。容不得自己身上一点脏乱差。  阿姨,是天天都跳广场舞吗?如此柔软,占公子这样的小年轻都做不到。在泰国皮皮岛景区的卫生间内,我们的“妖”在洗手台洗脚洗鞋。  或许是光着脚上了天涯海角,这些前来游玩的“妖”在海南天涯海角景区主干道中间的喷泉前,脱下鞋将直接将脚伸到喷泉里洗脚洗鞋。  杭州西湖也变洗脚池。  你见识过这类妖怪吗?快来分享!相关的主题文章: