The team met Baishi a few things should drive (video)

The team met Baishi a few things you should pay attention to the car Water Leakage how to do when the weddings and funerals on the road drive how to do? These rules can’t be ignored. China is a Fengshui customs of the country, has entered the late years saw many, a lucky day arrival, wedding marriage more, we encountered this kind of thing on the road, there are some rules need to pay attention to, because in a sense, this kind of things is not good, not just for the owners themselves, also have influence for my family. 1, don’t be wedding blast to drive if the wedding scene, especially just shooting wedding, can open the past is past, or pull over, will not be the best wedding like blast, red brake to avoid collision. 2, after the wedding, the wedding jewelry needs to take some vehicles will be used as a car, will be decorated with flowers, balloons, streamers, ah, after the wedding some people will not take the jewelry for beauty, and joy, in fact not, these decorations are used to dissolve the marriage home road evil. 3, on the road met car out if encountered on the road to work out and carry away immediate touch, just look at somebody, please turn to Kyrgyzstan, look at the nearest intersection, and take a detour. Work out for the trailing car, down, elegant moral support, villain avoidance, borrow Xian, hope to make. If you encounter a car to escort all the way to reach the destination, then it is a good sign of good luck. 4, two new cars meet, need to throw coins or jewelry if two car meet, regardless of whether the wedding car is completed, the bride or groom, best dropped some coins or portable accessories. 5, do not encounter the funeral, if passed by the funeral or parking Lingpeng, should open the window to throw food or coins can be, but do not stop, must throw things away in the driving process, show your respect. 6, if you must stop, you need to whistle as they drove past the funeral home, the crematorium, also can not stop, if must be parking, parking and car before before the whistle three times, in order to express respect. 7, was invited as a hearse in general many owners are not willing to put their car as a hearse, but some can not refuse to abide by the rules, then the main people, after the best meal and then go home, in addition to the owner of red envelopes, other items to get to, or affect your own destiny. 8, not followed the funeral car as taboo, don’t drive out not to follow a hearse, funeral motorcade to go, if you accidentally walked into the funeral convoy, that in the nearest corner, go home before the door, remember the 3 time stamp. 9, the vehicle flameout occurs, then exit whether to attend the funeral or wedding, if his car inexplicably stalled three times above, then don’t continue to participate in the wedding or funeral, but after the car, and drove to the nearest bridge, open all doors, the sound of firecrackers. Xiao Bian has said that the customs of each place is not the same, the exact or in accordance with the customs of their own place, here is only a small series of most of the.相关的主题文章: