The Seven Spiritual Law Of Success The Formula For Achieving Your Dreams Through

Spirituality The seven spiritual laws of success shows you that your intention is the power that enables you to tap into the infinite potential and abundance of the universe. Your intention allows you to create any out.e you desire. If you harness intention correctly, you will be able to effortlessly achieve your dreams. The problem is that many people confuse intention and desire which leads to suffering. By applying the correct formula you can remain focussed on pure intention. Your intention is the underlying force behind your desires and it is very easy to confuse desire with intention. The difference is that intention is desire minus any attachment to the out.e. When you are in a state of pure intention, you are focussed on achieving what you want to achieve but you are not attached to achieving the result – if it happens that’s ok, if it doesn’t happen that’s ok too. If you are in a state of desire, you are attached to the results. If you get what you want that’s good, but if you don’t, even if it’s just slightly delayed or not quite what you expected, you will suffer as a result. The suffering will have negative consequences throughout your life – your interactions with other people, your health, your spiritual well being… Why do we confuse desire with intention? One of the causes of the confusion between desire and intention is that we don’t clearly understand the relationship between the past, present and future. The only moment we live in is the present. Intention .bined with detachment from the of your actions leads you to live in the now moment. The past is a collection of memories that we give permission to influence our lives in the present. The past has gone and in reality does not exist. In fact as we get more distant from an event, the past is re-invented through the lens of the present. The future is equally imaginary how can it be otherwise? It hasn’t happened yet! The problem is that we constantly create the future in our present imagination and then worry that the we are attached to will not .e true. That way we create all manner of imaginary obstacles that are going to block us. The vast majority of imaginary obstacles that you create are just ghosts from the past .ing back to haunt you, they have no reality and when the time .es, they simply vanish into thin air. However like ghosts they can strike unnecessary terror in your heart. Of course there are genuine obstacles, but they are usually unseen until you get right up close to them and if you are in state of single minded intention you can always over.e them. Your single minded attention should remain fixed on your purpose without being attached to achieving that purpose. Now you understand the difference between intention and desire, examine your own desires. What do you want. Allow yourself to focus on what you want but remind yourself to stay detached from the out.e. Maintain your awareness in the present moment where you can have the greatest influence on your future. The seven spiritual laws of success are built upon natural principles. You can build these natural principles into your life as a bedrock for your path to future prosperity and happiness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: