The running waters! China should accelerate to fill the occupied islands and reefs with Island Cruis haywire

The running waters! China should accelerate fill Island Cruise occupied reefs with American USS DDG-73  "destroyer USS Decatur" and the South China Sea. China defense ministry said in October 21st, the U.S. Navy destroyer Decatur "entered the territorial waters of Xisha. China Navy Missile Destroyer "Guangzhou" and "Luoyang" missile frigate act immediately, identification verification of U.S. warships, and give a warning to drive away. Break end territorial waters innocent on the same day, White House spokesman Ernest confirmed, the sailing in the vicinity of the Paracel Islands, is to challenge Chinese claims in the South China sea. But the U.S. Navy denied the "Decatur" into 12 miles, 12 miles "did not enter the restricted area in any situation." In 1996, the Chinese government announced the "Declaration on the baselines of the territorial sea", which clearly declared the baseline of the territorial sea of Paracel Islands. According to international law, islands between the baselines of the territorial sea, to the lines connecting the island edge point designated, enjoy the territorial rights of more than 1 island 12 nautical miles. In other words, the "No 12 miles into" alibi, unable to hide the fact that Chinese entered territorial waters. This concept of "pseudo language technique", Americans have been playing a. Military expert Wang Yunfei told the Phoenix military said in an interview, the United States is to cheat knowingly violate, domestic and international public opinion, to shape their own image, the two is to deny the Chinese statement of the legal effect, and reach their goal of maintaining freedom of navigation ". Since the timing of "pains" in 2012, the United States to return to Asia strategy attitude "intervention in the South China Sea, continue to test the bottom line Chinese. According to foreign media reports, only in the past 1 years, the implementation of the "Declaration of freedom of navigation in action" (FONOP), 3 times to enter the Spratly Islands within 12 nautical miles, respectively, and reef Zhubi coral reef at the southernmost tip of Xisha island. The intent is clear: deny these reefs enjoy territorial rights, and even deny China’s sovereignty over the Spratly Islands. This time, the United States is approaching, the warships from Nansha to Xisha. Wang Yunfei said that the U.S. military action on the timing, location is very clever grasp. Philippines President Duthel Te’s visit to China just, found in Philippines against the China not pry, Americans turned to Vietnam; and the location was chosen in Vietnam claimed "sovereignty" of Paracel Islands. On October 2nd, U.S. warships visited Vietnam after the Vietnam War, this is the first to return to the bay. Obama also announced before the end of the term of the ban on arms sales. The military relations between the two countries are warming up, and it is hard to say that it is not aimed at a common opponent. "This is hard to rush the Xisha, is likely to be a reassurance to vietnam." Wang Yunfei said. Accelerate the island you are forced, this is not the first time the U.S. Navy into a country’s territorial waters, will not last time. In February 1988, the U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet cruiser "York city" into the Black Sea, to declare their territorial claims by harmless ". When the United States warships into the Soviet territory, 2 Soviet frigates began to intercept. The United States continues to ignore, followed by the famous "I hit your ship, the ship was ordered to the scene"相关的主题文章: