The principle worker held 600 thousand free meals for ten years without

The 600 thousand free meals were held in Taiyuan University of Technology for ten years. Liu Ruiqiang Shanxi daily news (reporter Liu Ruiqiang) people often say, there is no free lunch, but a restaurant in the Taiyuan University of Technology to provide "free lunch", and from September 2006 to provide free meals so far, has been ten years. In 10 years, it provides nearly 600 thousand copies of free meals to impoverished college students, and regardless of the weather, has not stopped, very popular with the students. On the morning of September 26th, the reporter walked into the Ze Ze restaurant located at the West Campus of Taiyuan University of Technology. A "sincere service, to build a harmonious, love students, love and dedication of the red banner of the restaurant over the southwest corner, there are a few blocks below the eye-catching signs, saying" if you call the economic difficulties free meal "and" if you feel thirsty, please use boiling water "and other words, under the table are placed microwave heating, available for free free porridge barrels, buckets and other equipment to open. Here is the free meal supply point set up by the school. It is understood that the free meals here by the special team responsible for, generally 6 dishes, 1 soup, 5 elements 1 meat, staple food is rice. The student dining area is not fixed. "Every year we invested nearly 100 thousand yuan for the poor students to provide daily dinner in 100 copies each, and does not set the standard of poverty, personal willing." Zhang Wenji, director of the catering service center of Taiyuan University of Technology, told reporters, "I hope to alleviate the worries of the students, so that they do not affect their studies due to economic difficulties, but also hope that they will be able to pass this love in the future."." Zhang Wenji admits, just launched free meals, the school also worried that there will be good family conditions students come here "rub rice", but after their positive guidance, this situation is now rare, students self-discipline consciousness improved significantly. Wang Yongxing, a junior student, came from the rural areas of Pingyao. The family economic conditions were not very good. He said, free school meals, delicious meat collocation, can for him to save a lot of cost of living. At present, although he is in straitened circumstances, he is not ashamed to have a free meal. He said he would do his best in the future and help more people in need.

太原理工捧出60万份“免费餐” 十年不曾间断   图为太原理工大学免费餐供应点。刘瑞强摄   山西日报讯(记者刘瑞强)人们常说,天下没有免费的午餐,可是太原理工大学的一个餐厅里就提供“免费的午餐”,而且从2006年9月供应免费餐至今,已有十载。10年来,这里为在校贫困学子提供了近60万份免费餐,且风雨无阻、不曾间断,深受学生们的欢迎。   9月26日上午,记者走进位于太原理工大学迎西校区的清泽餐厅。餐厅西南角上方挂着一条“真诚服务、构建和谐、情系学子、奉献爱心”的红色横幅,下方有几块醒目招牌,上书“如果你经济困难请打免费饭菜”“如果你感觉到口渴请用开水”等字样,底下的长桌上则依次摆放着可供免费加热的微波炉、免费粥汤桶、开水桶等器具。这里便是学校设立的免费餐供应点。据了解,这里的免费餐由专门的班组负责,一般为6菜1汤,5素1荤,主食是大米。学生就餐区域则不固定。   “我们每年投入近10万元,为贫困大学生每日提供中晚餐各100份,且不设贫困标准,全凭个人自觉自愿。”太原理工大学饮食服务中心主任张文基向记者介绍,“希望藉此缓解学生们的后顾之忧,使其不因经济困难而影响学业,也希望他们将来能将这份爱心传递下去。”   张文基坦言,刚推出免费餐时,学校也担心会有家庭条件好的学生来这里“蹭饭”,但经过他们的积极引导,这种情况现在很少出现,学生们的自律意识明显提高。   大三学生王永兴来自平遥农村,家庭经济条件不是很好,这学期刚刚搬回迎西校区。他说,学校的免费餐荤素搭配、美味可口,更可为他省下一大笔生活费。眼下虽然他经济拮据,可吃免费餐并不觉得难为情。他表示将来一定会尽自己所能,帮助更多需要帮助的人。相关的主题文章: