The price is 500 yuan, but the computer is very strong

The price of 500 yuan but this computer performance is very strong recently, a configuration of Linux system Mini PC super computer login Kickstarter website to raise the public, the "Panther Alpha" itself as the most efficient computer desktop computer, can do more things with minimal configuration. Panther Alpha uses the Linux operating system, in the same work and game environment, the desktop memory it occupies only 1/5 of Windows10, 2GB and sufficient space to run application software, you love the most. In the Panther Alpha developers view, the size is not a problem, Panther Alpha can be the smallest size to complete the same task as an ordinary desktop. Small size means you can save more electricity. In fact, without affecting the computer running efficiency, power consumption is only Panther Alpha ordinary desktop 23%. ordinary desktop need to run under the environment of 80W-260W, Panther and Alpha only 2W-4W power. No fan, no mobile, no noise, Panther Alpha acts as a quiet tool. In order to facilitate the connection with other devices, Panther Alpha also supports Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi and infrared. In addition, with HDMI 2 4K output, compatible with most of the TV and display on the market. You can also increase the storage space of Panther Alpha by adding microSD card or hard disk. In terms of software, Panther Alpha seamlessly integrate Mac and Microsoft Windows on a lot of software, such as compatible with Office and Exchange. Of course, it also built other software programs. Panther Alpha on the site to raise public support for the early supporters of $79 (about 534 yuan) re paid on love, the expected delivery time for next year in March.相关的主题文章: