The pension adjustment policies to calculate how much money can increase parents

The pension adjustment policies to calculate how much money the parents can increase according to incomplete statistics, there are at least 12 provinces released pensions, at the same time, the overall pension level in many areas of more than 6.5%. Recently, with the introduction of Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi Province, retirees basic pension adjustment scheme, the reporter statistics of 31 provinces pension adjustments, according to incomplete statistics, there are at least 12 provinces released pensions, at the same time, many areas of the overall pension level more than 6.5%. The first simultaneous adjustment of enterprises retirees pension more clear payment schedule department and the Ministry of Finance issued "on 2016 to adjust the basic pension for retirees notice", decided to start from January 1st this year, to improve the level of basic pensions of retirees 6.5 percentage points. This year is the first time to co-ordinate arrangements for organs and institutions and enterprise retirees to adjust the basic pension, the majority of the province pension payment time than in previous years has been delayed. It is understood that there are already Liaoning, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places to clear before the end of September the pension payments to retirees in the hands. Beijing, Shanghai and other places due to the announcement of the program is relatively early, the current has been the first to issue. Liaoning corporate retirement pensions to adjust the amount of the highest quota of Beijing elderly retirees preferential policies according to the statistics published by the provinces plan adjustment quota adjustment, adjustment and proper tilt hook combination. For enterprise retirees, the single adjustment on the quota, the highest amount of adjustment per person per month in Liaoning, the highest increase of 90 yuan, Yunnan Province, the amount of fixed adjustment is relatively small, an increase of $30 per month. After the adjustment of the amount of the amount of payment based on the length of life and the basic pension level and other factors to adjust the hook, reflecting the multi pay more, pay more than the principle of. In Yunnan, for example, the payment period of 2 yuan per person per month increase over the full year, according to my December 2015 increase in the basic pension adjustment of $2.5%. Anhui stipulates that the payment period of 15 years after a full year increase of $3 per person per month, according to the December 2015 increase in the basic pension in to adjust. According to statistics, the province has announced the program, most of which are linked to adjust. Beijing area for elderly retirees to tilt the policy, such as the retirement of 65 years of age up 50-80 yuan pension. The 2016 benefit pension increase billion retirees pension insurance fund balance pressure from 2005 to 2015 ten years of pension increase according to public information, the pension increase will benefit about 85000000 enterprise retirees, about 17000000 institutions retirees will benefit a total of more than 100 million retirees. This year, the proportion of the downward adjustment. Many experts believe that in the future pension adjustment in addition to reference to economic growth and income growth, the income and expenditure of pension fund for employees of enterprises, will also be an important consideration. For example, some of the fund’s balance is too low, the aging of the high level of the region, the ability to bear the pension spending is relatively weak. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zuo Xuejin said publicly that the endowment insurance reform needs to consider supporting the reform and order. Should first reduce the rate, and then pay more than the sound相关的主题文章: