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Health When you think about yoga, asanas come to mind. Nevertheless, yoga consists of 8 elements namely Asana, Dharana, Dhyana, Niyan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Samadhi and Yama. Therefore, asana is among these eight parts. Engaging in asanas helps to generate fitness, leading to a healthy life. Therefore, 200 hr yoga teacher training can result in a long, healthy life. Yoga movements generate mental, psychological, physical, neurological, intuitive and creative benefits as well as generating a state of connection. Yoga postures help to: Increase proprioception and balance People with poor postures and dysfunctional movement patterns have poor proprioception. As a result, an individual experiences back pain and knee problems. The right balance translates to fewer falls while for the elderly, this generates into delayed admission to the nursing homes and more independence. Furthermore, this may translate to never entering a nursing home. Postures such as Tree pose have the ability of making an individual feel less wobbly. Releases tension If you experience the attitude of holding the steering wheel or telephone with a death grip, these unconscious habits have the ability of leading to muscle fatigue, chronic tension and sore wrists, face, neck, shoulders and arms, which can result in stress and worsening of your mood. As you engage in yoga postures, you will soon discover where tension is generated- possibly in the tongue, muscles of the neck, face and eyes. As you tune in, you will be in a position to release tension within the eyes and tongue. Larger muscles such as the trapezius, buttocks and quadriceps may require several sessions of practicing yoga to relax them. Offer relief Stimulation is good; however, too much stimulation can tax the nervous system. Yoga courses help to provide relief against the hustles of modern life. The restorative asana, Savasana, pranayama, yoga nidra and mediation seek to encourage pratyahara, which is the process of turning the senses inward- providing a downtime for the nerves. Another outcome of practicing yoga postures is better sleep- meaning you will be less stressed and tired as well as unlikely to have accidents. Improve immune function Pranayama and asana have the ability of improving the immune function. Furthermore, meditation has generated the greatest scientific support. It helps to generate beneficial effects that help with the functions of the immune system. This is achieved by raising the levels of the antibody while responding to the vaccine and mitigating an aggressive immune function normally experienced with autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: