The new card designer Gadgetzan Tucao must be Da Vince – Sina hearthstone.-yezimei

The new card designer: Gadgetzan Tucao must be the new card Da Vince – Sina hearthstone area released from the Gadgetzan card, the existing point of view, the impact on the environment is absolutely subversive. Here we do not do the analysis and evaluation, do not drink chicken soup, a single Tucao designers and we do not like the brain hole. Piranha gun to see that this is a new invention of the goblins is not reliable, to tell you the truth I don’t love your new invention, well, I’m not your Gnome inventor. I still like your new invention, but I don’t like this one. In this garkisen arid desert city, how will the piranha Amazon? It is a good garkisen near the seaside city of desert, but the fish living in the river, and not marine organisms. Is this product really suitable for use as a spray gun? I would rather put scorpions, spiders or bats into the barrel, don’t leave a water no water products. Unless piranha changed to 1-1 beast: charge, round end of death. This is consistent with the characteristics of fish. Tactical withdrawal of this card is reminiscent of the previously popular hearthstone Kong in a sentence: the light, can escape? Invincible hearthstone knight spirit has already become a laughingstock. But the secret is to bring a dead hand back to the hand. This is not the meaning of the evacuation, but the resurrection of the cemetery. A real tactical withdrawal should be the kind of skills of the red panda, but the little panda is a follower, with a spell to complete on entourage using sap is actually a good idea. However, the spell that can achieve this effect has a shadow step. So how should the tactical withdrawal of the typical Knight skills? My idea is this: the spell card, so that a friendly entourage gets immune to damage, and moves back to your hand at the beginning of the next turn. This is the correct way to open invincible furnace. The tuskarr Sheriff so weak guy is the sheriff? In the face of a gang of criminals, the sheriff’s body is weak like a cold joke. Family attendants, come to me "also comes with a bag. You even a footman nor what the sheriff? If you have the ability to kill the sheriff or to limit each other too, and your ability to draw a card is actually not reliable conditional. Is this the sheriff’s style? This is the street punks, beat out the street punks! Burning · howitzer bristles; light is something more and no limit, not to mention that this is not a firearm and paladin image work in just ways. Say this guy tied the gun on the waist, with three inches under the navel to aim, you want to shoot what? I don’t know why, when I see this image, I think of a slogan that men often see: a small step forward, a big step forward! People through this card can be quickly retrieved 1 followers, is to see how fast the necessary card. Don’t say Blizzard tired late n’zoth deathwhisper ride and dial the two return of the dead fish ride? This is to let the knight back to touch the legs of the self? I like.相关的主题文章: