The media survey of semi permanent dye eyebrow pigment toxicity half – Sohu lead exceed the standard

The media survey of semi permanent dye pigment toxicity of lead exceed the standard half – eyebrow Sohu news recently, the reporter in the online random purchase 5 semi permanently stained eyebrow pigment samples. In November 9th, the inspector is to decompose the mascara samples. The day before, the Korea consumer Institute released the quality sampling inspection report shows that 25 kinds of semi permanent makeup dye products circulation on the market in South Korea (Wen Mei, the eye of 12 kinds of products), heavy metal content exceed the standard in different degrees, 30 times of heavy metal content of some products even more than the standard value of the individual, a carcinogen exceed the standard of 5 times. Because the South Korean cosmetics and more popular in China, this news caused an uproar, a. Recently, the Beijing News reporter in Taobao random purchase 5 semi permanently stained eyebrow pigment, and to detect the pigment of arsenic, cadmium and mercury, lead, strontium and other ingredients. Among them, the lead content was 6.42mg kg, 17.1mg kg, 57.1mg kg, 64.5mg kg, 131mg kg. According to China’s current "Hygienic standard for cosmetics" (2007 Edition), the provisions of lead content can not exceed 40mg kg. And will be opened next month, cosmetic safety technical standards (2015 Edition) is provided, the lead content can not be more than 10mg kg. That is to say, according to the current standard, 5 of 3 samples of lead exceed the standard, but the reference will enable the more stringent new standards, there are 4 samples of lead exceed the standard, and the highest content of samples of lead, lead exceed the standard limit of 12 times. Visit the semi permanent Mascara price one thousand to six thousand range yesterday, the reporter went to a Chongwenmen offering this service according to the beauty shop, store makeup, semi permanent mascara is divided into several, according to each person on the makeup of different, can choose the eyebrow or eyebrow silk fog mist, semi permanent Mascara the effect lasts for 3 to 5 years. "Will not dye a lifetime, easy to try different eyebrow." Makeup artist said, semi permanent brow price in 1000 to 6000. "More than 1 thousand is a Sino foreign joint venture, two thousand, three thousand and more than 6 thousand are imported pigment." Imported pigment is pure natural plant raw materials, there is no harm to human body, also called a pure natural plant material can moisten the hair follicle, is conducive to the growth of eyebrows. The reporter asked to as mascara tools, makeup show spring and a length of about 3 cm, similar small comb general, top comb is a fine metal material. It is understood that the first deposited anesthetic to relieve the pain to mascara, eyebrow makeup "will be stained with pigment in the process of play". Makeup artist told reporters that every day customers come, most of the choice of two thousand yuan up and down the brow service. On the 1, why measured heavy metals in cosmetics? In recent years, the media for a variety of cosmetics, skin care products and other reports of heavy metals exceeded the situation, which is not only the higher content of lead was detected, mercury, arsenic and other excessive exposure. Why are these heavy metals present in cosmetics? Associate Professor, School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Nanjing University, Zhao Bin, lead, mercury and other factors added to cosmetics, mainly because it can inhibit the skin bin相关的主题文章: