The man who opened the ambulance aimed at the hands of his fellow thieves to reach life-saving appli aspack

An ambulance man took aim at the thief hand to "help peer devices" have seen a lot of primary teacher to the hospital to steal "life-saving money" hateful Maozei, now actually heard someone stole "life-saving equipment". What the hell is going on? Listen to the teacher Beth slowly to. This is: Ambulance steal, this guy is really bad; for a wrong thought in passing, the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked! Hubei man xiaomou in Shenzhen, founded a medical aid services company, mainly responsible for escorting the patient to a hospital, home etc.. Last December, xiaomou drove the company’s ambulance, a patient from Shenzhen transferred to a Wenzhou hospital in Pingyang. The next day, arrived at the hospital in Pingyang, the patient’s family began to busy handling patient referral procedures, and idle in the hospital around xiaomou alone. Wandering, he found an ambulance parked in the hospital courtyard, the door is not closed. See the same with their own means of livelihood vehicles, xiaomou very curious, then on the car. Layman watch, experts see road. After the car, the car is equipped with xiaomou found a car on your own than ventilator. So, he saw no one under four, they put out a thief…… Pingyang hospital staff found the ambulance ventilator disappeared immediately, retrieval of surveillance video viewing, and report to the police. Soon, the police arrested the xiaomou. After the arrest, xiaomou confessed to their crimes, their families will also return to the hospital ventilator, and compensation for the economic loss of 13 thousand yuan. Recently, Pingyang County People’s court made a verdict on the case. Sentenced for theft xiaomou criminal detention 3 months, fined 1000 yuan.相关的主题文章: