The man was suspected to bite off a piece of the auricle has the scars as a

The man was suspected to bite off a piece of the auricle has the scars as a medal of Zhouhong Feng inspection area of the hotel. Busy! Very busy! This is the most impressive impression of Feng Feng by reporters. In several visits, because he had to deal with unexpected police, had to postpone the time. It was not easy to arrange a good time, just walked into Feng’s office, talked about a few words, once again by a police interruption. In a small market area, Lao Li, who had a fruit stall and sold fish, played the game because of the site problem. Lao Li also raised the fruit knife. In an emergency, Feng Zhouhong immediately led the police to deal with the dispute, rushed back to the office, apologized. The 30 year old Feng Zhouhong, the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Yuhang Qiaosi deputy director of the police station, in charge of basic police work. Although young, but the actual experience is quite rich. Hurt, aid over Xinjiang, made great contribution, in the area where he became quite upright. Regardless of danger, cling to the suspect was the other off seven or eight home size of the factory a auricle Qiaosi street, 32 000 Xinyu Hangzhou, the resident population of nearly 5 million. From rental management, fire safety, labor disputes to accidental casualties, etc., are related to Feng Zhouhong. Despite the complexity of the area, Feng Zhouhong managed to be in good order. Looks like he has the ornamental and the combined plain properties, extraordinary courage and determination. The reporter found that his left ear was obviously missing one piece. Originally, the end of March 2014, Feng Zhouhong as deputy commander in criminal investigation Squadron, a burglary area. Yuhang Huang Town do bamboo products business master Chen in the warehouse more than 50 "stolen, the loss is not small. Feng Zhouhong led the team through video surveillance analysis and investigation visits, locking the suspect is 42 years old Zhuji Yao yao. On the afternoon of April 10th, Feng Zhouhong led his team to Yao, who was arrested at the home of the party Bay in Xiaoshan. About 6 o’clock that night, Yao drove a motorcycle to go home to eat dinner, immediately ordered the arrest of Feng Zhouhong acted in the side ambush. Feng Zhouhong just showed his identity, Yao suddenly began to operate a kitchen knife, waving to the police blocking the door. See Yao to rush out of the door, Feng Zhouhong regardless of danger, rushed to a will he hold. Yao was caught in the hands, unable to move the knife, even moved his mouth, a bite of Feng Zhouhong’s ears. Under the severe pain, Feng Zhouhong did not retreat, in the help of comrades in arms, the suspect Yao successfully arrested. The suspect successfully escorted back after Feng Zhouhong went to the hospital examination found that his left ear auricle was bitten off a block of about 7× 1.5 cm, after simple suture in hospital and after dressing, Feng Zhouhong quickly return to work. At that time, the doctor told Feng Zhouhong, plastic surgery a year later. But over the past two years, plastic surgery is delayed. "There is no time to go, and secondly, does not affect the use, the right is my medal."!" Feng Zhouhong said with a smile.

男子被嫌疑人咬掉一块外耳廓 却把伤痕当成勋章冯洲虹检查辖区旅馆。忙!特别忙!这是记者对冯洲虹最深的印象。在数次约访,都因为他要处理突发警情,不得不推迟时间。好不容易约定好了时间,刚走进冯洲虹的办公室,谈了没几句,就再次被一个警情打断。辖区一个小集市里,摆水果摊的老李和卖鱼的小张因为场地问题打了起来,老李还举起了水果刀。情况紧急,冯洲虹立即带领民警处理完纠纷,匆匆回到办公室,接连表示歉意。30岁的冯洲虹,现任杭州余杭公安分局乔司派出所副所长,分管基础警务工作。虽然年纪轻,但实战阅历却颇为丰富。受过伤,援过疆,立过功,在辖区里他一身正气颇有威名。不顾危险死死抱住嫌疑人却被对方咬掉一块外耳廓乔司街道有七八千家大小工厂,32万多新余杭人,近5万常住人口。从租房管理、消防安全、劳资纠纷到意外伤亡等,都与冯洲虹有关。虽然辖区情况复杂,但冯洲虹管理得井井有条。看上去文质彬彬的他,却有着非凡的胆识和魄力。记者发现,他的左耳朵明显少了一块。原来,2014年3月底,冯洲虹在刑侦中队当副中队长,辖区发生了一起盗窃案。 余杭黄湖镇做竹制品生意的陈师傅仓库内的50多把竹椅被盗,损失不小。冯洲虹带领队员通过视频监控分析和调查走访,锁定盗窃嫌疑人为42岁的诸暨人姚某。4月10日下午,冯洲虹带领队员前往姚某位于萧山党湾镇的家中实施抓捕。当晚6点左右,姚某开着三轮摩托车回家吃晚饭,在侧伏击的冯洲虹见机立刻下令抓捕。冯洲虹刚表明身份,姚某突然操起菜刀,挥向了挡在门口的民警。眼看姚某就要冲出门外,冯洲虹不顾危险,一个箭步冲上去将他抱住。姚某双手被夹住,动不了刀,竟然动起了嘴,一口咬住冯洲虹的耳朵。剧痛之下,冯洲虹丝毫没有退却,在战友协助下将嫌疑人姚某成功抓获归案。把嫌犯成功押回后,冯洲虹去医院检查发现,自己左耳外耳廓被咬掉一块,约为7×1.5厘米大,经过医院的简单缝合和包扎后,冯洲虹迅速重返岗位。当时,医生告诉冯洲虹,一年后可以整形。但两年过去了,整形手术却一拖再拖。“一来没时间去,二来不影响使用,权当是我的勋章了!”冯洲虹笑着说。相关的主题文章: