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Mobile-Cell-Phone One of the hottest cell phones on the market was just recently put out by Verizon Wireless and LG Mobile Phones. The fact is the LG Chocolate is a hot item, due to the sleek design and advanced tools, such as VZ Navigator and V CAST. With the Chocolate, you get a sexy little cell phone with advanced capabilities and something everyone else will want. Actually, when you first look at the Chocolate closed, it doesn’t look like anything too special. With a dark screen, you can’t even see the camera on it. However, all you have to do is press a side key or slide the phone to the open position and the cell phone springs to life. When you do go to open the phone, don’t be surprised if you feel a little resistance. The fact is this slide is spring loaded and once you get past a certain point, the Chocolate will smoothly .e to the open position . Once opened, the screen turns on and their will be buttons are lighted and your camera and phone will be set for you to use. While you can definitely tell at this point that it is a phone, you’ll never hear anyone say they have one that looks just like it, unless they own a Chocolate, too. It’s actually quite unique looking and while it may seem kind of slippery, it’s a remarkable phone to use. One of the main reasons this phone is doing so well is that it has plenty of features that most users find very appealing. For example, this cell phone has the ability to play music while the user browses the Web or sends messages. It even has a key that is dedicated for music to allow easy access to all of the play lists. Another great music feature is that the songs you download are automatically organized by the artist, genre, and album which will make it much easier to manage all of your music settings. Of course, the camera feature is amazing, as well. Once you open the phone, the camera will be in view and all you need to do is press a side button and the viewfinder will start up. All in all, it only takes about two seconds to get your camera ready fro action. On the viewfinder, you’ll find a status bar that will tell you what the current resolution settings are and it will show you whether it is in picture or video mode. You’ll find many icons are hidden, but you will find this LG Chocolate quite easy to use. The capabilities that the LG Chocolate has are updated and truly wonderful. For example, when browsing the Web, you will no longer have to do any scrolling and searching on the page for the information you want. The screen allows for much easier viewing than other cell phones. You’ll also find that you can simply type in the URL you want and within moments, you’ll have what you need. These, of course, are just a few of the reasons that the LG Chocolate has be.e such a hot item. With a sleek and sexy look, many will want to try out this cell phone themselves and it’s guaranteed they won’t want to let go of it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: