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Fashion-Style Do you love playing music most of the time whether you are at home or at work, then you need audio headphones. Especially while travelling, there are times when you are disturbing others if you are not using headphones. Remember the first time when walkman was released and made available to the public, you can see people walking on the street with headphones hooked on their ears plus a cassette tape player attached on their jeans. Today people use modern instruments to play music like mobile phones, iPods, mp3 and other music platforms hence the use of headphones are still present. Now we have noise cancelling headphones which are accessible in the market that lets music playing matchless. Aside from that there are white ear bud style headphones for music enthusiasts who love playing music so much through their gadgets. At present audio headphones have variety of uses apart from audio transmission and its looks have changed too from wired to unwired plus a higher performance. There are headphones so stylish and advanced; they almost take over the attention without even performing. Gone are the days of those wired headphones that people wore on their head like those working in call centers. First it was the band then it was the turn of the wires to disappear. One look at the modern devices meant for the purpose and it is clear that technology has moved at a great pace. The creation of headphones can be linked with Thomas Edison’s telephone invention which audio signals are passed through the wires with the aid of electric currents. It is interesting that the greatest scientist of our times was not aware of future innovations with his works that would lead to innovations in the field of audio headphones. Nonetheless back then headphones were huge until sony walkman .pany made new styles of headphones in 1979. Jazz musician John Koss had a deep interest in the working of headphones and he hired the services of an audio engineer to develop high quality headphones. In fact, he developed the first cordless headphones with the help of infrared signals. It was in 1998 that the world got its first Bluetooth headphones that would revolutionize the music industry forever. In just a decade, nearly 2 billion audio devices were sold in the market that employed Bluetooth technology. Today Bluetooth headphones are virtually indispensible in mobiles, MP3, iPods, smartphones, and other digital media. Modern audio headphones are very well made as said by many consumers who were able to use the headphones with noise reduction, noise cancelling and surround sound features. Suppose you visit the shopping centers and music stores you can find a wide range of headphones that are truly impressive. The best thing, you can find one that surely fits your budget so whether you are looking for the lowest price to the highest you can surely find one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: