The girl about a night of pregnancy want to do away with the child unexpectedly

The girl is pregnant one night stand off children want to do about ending new network in Hangzhou in November 2, unexpectedly (trainee reporter correspondent Wang Gang Shen Zhangli) 2, reporters from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Public Security Bureau was informed Binjiang District, Binjiang police cracked a day before the use of street street "one night stand" theft of property. In October 24th, the 20 year old woman Jun (a pseudonym) because of emotional problems and understanding of street street on the sub Hao man (a pseudonym) relationship, after Hao son took Jun mobile phone, and the next day by Jun Alipay successful cash 3000 yuan. After the incident, the police through the sub Hao Mo content updates to find its traces, and arrested. The 20 year old Jun just broke up with my boyfriend, but found himself with the boyfriend’s child. On the afternoon of October 24th, she passed the mobile phone software "unfamiliar street" to find nearby people, a handsome young man suddenly attracted her attention. Jun thought, maybe the night can help her out to do children soon and take the knowledge of Hao son, two people chat very joyous. Day 21 am, the same person in Binjiang, a hotel room opened in two. By 1 a.m., Hao Zi Jun excuses borrowed mobile phone call, Biandabian to go outside, came to the door when suddenly open the door to escape. 25 early in the morning, Hao son into a noodle shop with Alipay turned 3000 yuan to use the mobile phone the boss Jun, the success of cash in 3000 yuan. Jun after the alarm, Binjiang police launched an immediate investigation, looking for traces of Hao son. At this time, the police found an important clue, Hao Mo Zi actually made an update: sell mobile phone! The police immediately rushed to the Hao son sit high iron residence Dongguan investigation. Originally, Hao in Dongguan is selling mobile phone, and the stolen mobile phone was sold. His funeral home in Guizhou shortly before and after to find a job in Hangzhou, but Hangzhou and life cost price is much higher than he had expected. After Hao son wanted to return to Dongguan and continue to sell mobile phone Jun happened, happened to be paid in time to see the Alipay Jun password, then try to steal Jun and with her mobile phone, Alipay cash. After appearing in court, Hao son confessed to the crime on their own. Currently the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: