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The female migrant workers of Taiwan employer sexual assault case frequent a year hundreds of people injured original title: Taiwan employers raped female foreign workers shouted Chinese frequent cases of Taiwan media face Taiwan network September 15th message according to the Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of health and welfare statistics, last year the total of 122 workers reporting suffer sexual assault, of which up to 90 people are family caregivers. For the foreign care workers by employers in Taiwan sexual assault cases continue to occur, not only the Taiwan media shouted shame, PFP legislator Chen Yijie will proposal to amend Taiwan area "Employment Service Law" the relevant provisions of the act of sexual assault had employed by foreign workers, and was sentenced to determine of unscrupulous employers, life may not be hiring foreign labour. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Chen Yijie said that Taiwan’s population structure towards aging, foreign care workers to Taiwan increased year by year the number of employers of foreign caregivers of sexual assault cases but always emerge in an endless stream. According to the Ministry of health and welfare statistics last year, there are 122 workers reported being raped, of which up to 90 people are family caregivers. This situation has caused the Taiwan area in the international community to shame, is necessary for unscrupulous employers to hire foreign workers eligible for strict examination. Chen Yijie pointed out that the day before the news evil employer repeated sexual assault nurse, the caretakers turn nowhere in the circumstances the use of mobile phone video card, the employer abuse process upload sites, it hit the Taiwan area of international image, the Taiwan authorities must pay attention to carefully deal with real. However, if in accordance with Taiwan’s "Employment Service Act", this kind of unscrupulous employers after two years, still can continue to employ foreign caretakers, difficult to deter their behavior, is necessary to amend the law ". Chen Yijie said that the future of Taiwan to promote long-term care, increase of foreign worker demand. If the protection of the rights and interests of foreign workers can not be implemented, the fear of foreign labor exporting countries to ban, will seriously affect the human resources allocation of Taiwan long. And the sexual abuse of foreign workers and the loss Taiwan real face, must be severely punished, to protect foreign workers’ rights and interests, and to avoid a repeat of the deterrence effect. China Taiwan Wang Siyu editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: