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The environment the biggest belly skin processing factory Nanjing filthy raw materials directly on the epithelial side by Nanjing people like the belly, the essence of this bowl in a belly skin. Nanjing has a smooth belly skin processing plant, known as the largest in Nanjing, many well-known noodle are used in his family’s belly skin. However, recently some members of the public to the Yangtze Evening News reporter said, the belly skin processing plant environment bad, processing more in name than in reality, out of the belly skin there is no production date. Then the reporter conducted an investigation. Online photo "tall", the scene look disappointed search "Nanjing belly skin" on the Internet, the first is "Nanjing smooth belly skin factory", open the page you can see the factory all certificates and photos. From the photos, this factory is very formal, and large scale manufacturers in the words "Nanjing Jiangning District smooth belly skin processing plant specializing in leather processing, leather belly belly belly skin supply, Nanjing’s largest manufacturer, Nanjing only a belly skin production of qualified enterprises" and other content. At the bottom of the cooperative enterprise column, can see "Sichuan Museum" "Liu Changxing" "South Chinese noodle" and many other well-known noodle. From this web page, this skin processing plant is really tall". So, is this really the case? Reporters in accordance with the label on the web site, went to the streets of Nanjing District, Zhoucun Valley Community in Jiangning, but reporters in Zhoucun community for a long time, did not find this plant. Finally, it was not easy to ask, this enterprise is not in the community of Zhoucun, and in the vicinity of the community and the community. Reporters came to this enterprise, found that the image of the enterprise and the page is far from the show. First of all, from the factory outside, the factory on the site and propaganda photographs have obvious discrepancy, the photo looks very atmospheric, but in fact, this "Nanjing’s largest leather processing factory, located in the belly" only in a few small houses. Skin thrown on the ground sun, environmental sanitation and the staff at the entrance of the simple exchange of a few words, the reporter learned that, here is the smooth skin of Nanjing processing plant. Subsequently, the reporter entered the factory, a few houses, a dilapidated courtyard, the factory is all the belly skin processing factory. Courtyard is very large, in the side of the yard is also filled with debris, several workers are screening the raw material of the skin. On the other side, a middle-aged woman holding guns constantly to the belly skin on the jet fire, while holding a burned black stick in the non-stop stirring the belly skin. They told reporters that this procedure is called the singeing, belly skin the hair burned. The belly skin after exposure, can be further processed, and the exposure of the site, is this yard. The reporter saw, in the exposure time, belly skin directly placed in the cement on the ground, even without cushion. One side of the hearth houses, belly skin is in the processing of the stove. The staff said that before the sun is good to the skin of the belly fried here, the skin on the belly of the processing. In accordance with the terms of the staff, eight hundred or nine hundred pounds per day can be processed skin. Reporters saw, when fried skin belly, as well as a worker wearing a pair of black gloves, holding a lighter in the skin of the belly to do further processing, there will be no treatment of clean hair completely processed. Throughout the production process, the operator did not wear a person.相关的主题文章: