The electric car ride motorized man checked the streets of Haikou staged a farce streaking musiland

The electric car ride motorized man checked the streets of Haikou staged farce streaking South China Sea, South China Sea 31 October Haikou news client (Nanhai network reporter Chen Lina), even to Haikou, again to start a new round of traffic regulation. In October 31st 8 pm, in Haikou South Bridge south to north direction, near the intersection of Xisha, a middle-aged man riding electric cars because of motorized vehicles checked, was under public sight, stately to undress staged a "naked" show, and street pee against the law. Subsequently, Xiemou was taken away by the blue sky police station. Men will ride electric motorized vehicles are investigated, the street staged a "naked show" against the law. The man caught red card Street staged "streaking" farce it is understood that in the morning, Haikou traffic police brigade in Longhua electric bicycle "nine no" illegal conduct remediation. At this time, a man driving an electric car to walk in the vehicle lane was stopped by traffic police on duty, who knows the man continues to ignore. Longhua brigade four squadron captain Xiong Yuansheng said, because the speed is fast, the impact of the impact is not small, the driver fell heavily on the ground, on the spot by the traffic police control. That will be 50 yuan punishment, and wear a ribbon in 30 minutes, traffic management, emotional man. When brought to the point of education on duty, but he will be wearing clothes off in nature’s garb "threaten" the traffic police enforcement. And refused to cooperate with the investigation on the spot, shouted, naked Xiemou quickly attracted onlookers, he shouted "it is not the first time off, I do not care." He whistled to urinate in the street, no matter how the police refused to wear clothes to discourage. The man will face more than 5 days to 10 days following the punishment 31 afternoon, the reporter saw the electric car owners Xiemou blue sky in the police station, the lover has arrived at the police station, because the public nudity thing and collapse in the police station. According to police, when they arrived on the scene saw Xiemou holding clothes, stay naked, and to the police station still refused to wear clothes, even to the police station door kick slanting. It is reported that, thanks to a 36 year old native of Wenchang, now living in Qiongshan District, usually by electric cars soliciting students. So why do you want to make such a bad behavior in public? Xiemou claimed that this is not the first time he was naked in public. Before the Spring Festival this year, he was riding electric cars soliciting investigation by the relevant authorities, when he is using it successfully avoids the deduction of law enforcement officers. "I want to make one more time, that is, I hope the traffic police do not punish me." Xie Mou said. "I’m just a little aggressive, and I’m not wrong, and where to take off my clothes". Xiemou still. As of press time, the South China Sea network reporter learned from the blue sky police station due to hinder the implementation of official duties in public places deliberately exposed body, was sentenced to 10 days of administrative detention punishment.相关的主题文章: