The Darker Side Of Homeless Shelters-aizi

Health When a person tells someone that they’re about to be.e homeless most of the people that they tell have the preconceived notion that the unfortunate soul will just be able to show up at a homeless shelter and that they will be housed for as long as is necessary. The reality is far from this perception. Long Term Solutions Are Not Long Term At All Although many homeless service providers will tell you all about the number of people that they have helped they rarely mention that the system is designed to be more of a revolving door than a long-term solution to the problem. When a person shows up at a shelter he or she has to go through a process. They are asked a lot of questions and their answers are saved using homeless shelter software. However, even if someone .pletes the process they still are not guaranteed that they will get either immediate or permanent housing. One of the reasons that this happens is because after going through the process pretty much everyone is put on a very long waiting list. If you are put on a waiting list the shelters request that you call them daily in order to tell them if you still need their help. If an opening arises you will usually be invited to stay at the facility. But in many cases you cannot stay there for more than ni.y days. Many Shelters Are Overcrowded In addition, many shelters are overcrowded. This often happens because homeless shelters may have to fill their quotas in order to get funding. And in order to fill their quotas some of these facilities, by necessity, will have too many people staying in them at any given point in time. When these residences are overcrowded safety issues evolve. Many shelters are both dirty and dangerous. Health standards do not seem to exist. Lice run rampant. Tuberculosis is more the norm than the exception. Standardized safety and health policies are desperately needed because anyone who stays in a homeless shelter is risking their health and well-being. Your Religion Can Be a Consideration Some shelters are faith based. If you want to stay in them they require you to at least consider converting to their religion. So, if a Buddhist, Jew or Muslim went to one the Christian shelters that embrace this philosophy they would be told that they "would have to hear about Jesus" if they want to be considered. How respectful is this attitude about other religions and cultures? Single Dads and Homeless Families Have a Big Problem It is quite challenging for a single mother to get help from a homeless shelter. However, it is much more challenging for a single father to get help. In addition, there aren’t many family shelters around. And the ones that are mostly cater to women who have children. Fathers will be directed to go to try to find space in a men’s shelter. About the Author: By: John T. 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