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The builders of the heart of the world heritage hundred years old edition "available to Sohu by reading the world heritage heart builders of the century old edition, recently published by the Huazhong University of Science and Technology press.   the book planning snow introduction, this is a hundred years old world tour book, might as well as shops, holiday travel guide world map, guide to the world of old civilization and culture. Follow the author of the book, the reader can find Tokyo Natsume Soseki balls shop, Taiwan night market, Paris’s old craftsmen, artisans, also taste world-renowned delicacy…… Specifically, the book has the following characteristics: first, highlight the selection of a century old shop’s birth, operation and development of key countries and regions in the world of books, the world a hundred years old, Paris hundred years old, Tokyo hundred years old, China Taiwan century old shop, there may be a hundred years old Chinese. These hundred years old book is composed of a series of old, so that readers can understand the growing experience of a hundred years old. Two, through this book, readers can see those captured world buds and a sense of history and art generally fresh, distinctive one hundred years behind the story, we believe that these stories are not simply Business Flourishes years old story, but in people and life issues resonate story. Three, short 100 years, as long as these thousand years, across the long years, now still diligently write a new history of longevity is how to adhere to their own shop in the accumulation of the changes of the times, a space for one person in the competition? The rapidly changing times, in countless crisis and how they unswervingly keep their original? In the world rooted in the longevity of the shop, now to tell you why. Four, the book has a lot of hundred years old photographs, worth reading and collection.相关的主题文章: