The boss of the factory with the chess game lost 1 million 100 thousand ruined wife from his father-lightscape

The boss of the factory with the chess game lost 1 million 100 thousand wife from his father Wang Benjian was obsessed with your network card, go bankrupt, his wife from his father. To a search on Taobao, many game gold silver business agent JJ. "JJ game company did not take any measures to intensify the fight against silver business, the trip failed." In the cafe for 15 days, October 30th, 38 year old Wang Benjian left Beijing with the help of friends, and returned to his hometown in Yunnan rent house. Wang Benjian started JJ chess game in 2009, and found that the silver business (sell game currency traders) will become Renminbi game gold, then fell into the difficult to extricate themselves, has now lost 1 million 100 thousand yuan. Not only the original operation of the plastic factory was forced to transfer, sell the villa, but also owed a lot of debt. Disappointed wife finally chose to divorce. After the divorce, the father and his big quarrel after a gas, finally depressed and end. Wang Benjian believes that the bank will be JJ game into a casino, ruined his life. To this end, he and a group of players falling into the same predicament came to the headquarters of the JJ game company, the company hopes to increase the intensity of the fight against silver traders. The company received them, but has not taken any further action. Wang Benjian hopes to have the opportunity to go to the JJ game company headquarters, to completely eradicate the chess game taking silver let more people suffer. A few years back trying to lose 1 million 100 thousand in October 22nd this year, reporters in Beijing on the subway station a cafe nearby saw Wang Benjian, it had spent a week in the internet. Wang Benjian was born in 1978, Yunnan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Wenshan. Get married in 2003 and have a child after marriage. "Before I came into contact with the JJ chess game, I had a happy family, not only to run a plastic factory with my wife, but also to hire 23 workers." Wang Benjian said that in 2009, he came into contact with the JJ chess game, feel quite fresh. Since then, Wang Benjian also found the presence of silver in this game, not only to sell the game than the official price of gold coins, but also the recovery of the game gold, the price difference between the sale of about 10%. Wang Benjian felt more superb game, trying to play the game to earn gold, and then through the silver business cash money. Throughout 2010, Wang Benjian often play chess game and JJ, then the big sleep, wake up and continue the game, home of the plastic factory has no management, all to take care of his wife, just the end of the month to lower salary…… To this end, Wang Benjian and his wife quarreled a lot of times, but also hit his wife slapped in the face of Wang Benjian. The wife felt unbearable, a week after they filed a petition for divorce. The divorce indictment shows that the wife thinks that Wang Benjian has the bad habit of gambling and extremely irresponsible for the family, the family lost all property, resulting in family life in trouble…… After the divorce, Wang Benjian no restraint, put his heart into the game, in order to facilitate the game, Wang Benjian also transferred directly to the plastic factory. November 2013, Wang Benjian as a representative, went to Beijing to participate in the second game JJ community development seminar, has lost $about 200000. When he came back, father and Wang Benjian had a big fight相关的主题文章: